Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Rick Milburn can rock a table decor. I am just a wantabe. I just don't have the knack that he has. Also, I only have 3 sets of dishes and Rick has 20. I did use the purple fiesta plates (not in picture) that Rick made me purchase at the Fiesta Factory years ago. Used a mexican blanket that belonged to my grandparents as a tablecloth. Fun Food Cafe fried my turkey and made the side dishes. All I had to do was clean my house and set the table for 10.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cathi and Gerry visit the Ville

Robbie, Cathi, and Gerry dine at Z's downtown then walk to the Day of the Dead Event at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft. New Yorkers can't believe how empty our downtown streets are. Nightcaped at the Sealbach Bar. Where a gentleman who won at the track bought the entire bar drinks for two rounds. Then his girlfriend showed up and cut off his generosity:) The Dick Sisto Trio played on.

Day of the Dead / Alter / KY Museum of Art and Craft

The Museum has workshops, alters, art cars, and the finale is a parade.

The Day of the Dead has become a "must do event" not to be missed. Part of the First Friday in November each year. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Skull Art Car / Caufield's

Caufild's is one of Louisville's treasure troves. It is the original costume store located on Main Street. They provided two art cars for the Day of Dead Celebration @ Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.

I wondered why they do not participate in our Art Car event in August @ KMAC and was told that they are at the Street Rod Nationals the same weekend @ The Kentucky Fair and Expo Center.

Harlan Scarboro / Dead Pirate

Harlan rocks a look as a dead pirate @ Kentucky Museum's Day of the Dead celebration.

Harlan gets his fashion tips from parents, Scott pictured in background who is also rocking a look! And Karen Welch who is not pictured. I can't believe I didn't get a pic of her when she looked soooooo cute!!

KY Museum of Art and Craft / Day of the Dead