Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kentucky Crafted: The Market

Ky Crafted coming to a bill board near you!


Zoee and Bear III

Every day I wake up to the cutest dogs in the land. They make me laugh all day.

Jenny Elkins & Sweet Sue

Met Jenny and Sue at The Exit 76 Antique Mall in Indiana. Jenny has a booth that she fills with cool vintage items,collectables, and cool hand crafted items. I fell in love with a wonderful mixed media pillow and button topped stool.

Mixed Media Art Pillow / Jenny Elkins

I am a sucker for pillows. Handcrafted,collage,fave colors, what's not to love!

Button Stool / Jenny Elkins

Sam and Zoee Alexander

Returning from the cabin Bear slept on the fluffy doggie bed in back seat of the cab and Zoee insisted on being up front.

Dog Tag Bracelet / Susan Abbott

Susan has saved all the dog tags from every pet she has ever loved. So one day she came to my studio to learn to make them into a charm bracelet. Results adorable!! I have all my dogs tags in such a safe place that I can't find them. But when I do I will make myself a bracelet that will be adorable too!!

Zoee's First Trip to the Cabin

Zoee loved the farm. She managed to find every bone in the woods. She brought back a deer femor.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wholesalecrafts.com /Kent Epler

Kent's Tin Man is on the poster celebrating 15 years of Wholesalecrafts.com. Kent leaves this week for ACRE(American Craft Retail Expo)Orlando,FL. Rock On With Your Bad Self Kent!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Hobbit

Sam is a huge fan of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings franchise. Me...not so much. Middle earth seems too dark and violent. That is until today. Went to see the Hobbit in 3/D Imax and loved the entire adventure. The hobbit village is enchanting. I love the craftsman details and could have spent 3 hours in Bilbo Boggins cottage. The Elf village with the Elf Queen, Kate Blanchet, was so Maxfield Parish. Loved the costumes, make up etc. Fun lark for a rainy Saturday.

Say It Ain't So Lynn / Lynn's Paradise Cafe

Lynn's is my favorite place to take out of towners. Yesterday, there was an unflattering story in the news about employee relations @ Lynn's. It seemed to be a fixable situation but now rumors abound that Lynn's is closing. Who closes a successful business?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rick Milburn / Greyson "Milburn" Medley

Rick celebrates the day of his birth with recent newly born 5 months old Greyson Medley. Greyson (Rick's great nephew)spent the evening laughing out loud, spitting up, and taking short naps. The rest of us spent the evening just laughing out loud. The naps begin today. As for spitting up. I hope those days are over.

Happy Birthday / Rick Milburn

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Laughing Boy / Kent Epler

Have you ever just laughed out loud while scrolling down your news feed on Face Book! I did when my bud Kent Epler changed his profile pic to this one! I'll see Kent soon and get the scoop on this picture. My guess.....from his past life in the Theatre. Or he really is The Laughing Boy!

The Entire Brumm Clan

This is for all the jewelry junkies out there wondering where Jamison Brumm has been. She has unoffically retired and spends most of the year in Florida where 4 of her grandchildren reside. The entire Clan was in Florida over the holidays. This picture includes 5 grandchildren, 3 sons, 3 wives, Jamie and Bill. Perfection!

Kentucky Crafted / The Market

My first show of the new year will be here before I know it!!!

OZ / Kent Epler

Off to see the Wizzard. Kent Epler is such a talent! This is his version of OZ. You can find Kent at The Laughing Boy.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Greg Moore and Theresa Kibby

Recently, Greg and Theresa, did a play with the Somerset Community College Theatre and Film.  Love this picture!  You might know Theresa from her Kibby Kritters jewelry line.  Her first love is theatre then Greg then jewelry.