Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kentucky Crafted: The Market Countdown

No More Screams.........The Craft Market is here or will be here to the public Saturday March 2, 9-6.  Sunday March 3, 10-5.  At the Lexington Convention Center, Lexington KY.   See You There!!!!!

The booth set up was today and all went according to plan.  Saw some of my peeps and will see more tomorrow when the Market is open for the trade.    So If you have a store be there or miss out!

Anyone wanting free passes during the retail days of the show, text me at 502-403-8516.  I will leave the passes for you at the entrance.  First texted, first served.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bear III, Zoee, and KeLe

Finally I was able to get all three dogs to stop playing for a minute so I could snap a pic. 
Yes, KeLe has a bandage on her paw.  The three were up to no good in their back yard.  We may never know what happened............She's not telling.   

Kentucky Crafted: The Market Countdown Yikes, The Craft Market set up is in 6 days....I do not feel ready!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Zoee, KeLe, and Bear @ Deam Lake

This was KeLe's first outing off leash. Zoee and KeLe took off and had so much fun running. Bear was happy to go at his own pace. This was the only picture of the three together. It seems to be impossible to get a cute pic of all three.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sterling & Copper / Deb Chenault

You can see Deb at Kentucky Crafted: The Market, Lexington, KY, March 2 & 3. I'll be there too! See you There! If anyone wants passes to Kentucky Crafted....I have some to pass out. Call me @ 502-403-8516. And I will leave them at will call.

Happy Valentine's Day

Have a great day of love!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dare to Be Different / Iris Apfel

As I sorted recent Pins on Pinterest, there was a pattern. I kept pinning this interesting woman. What attracted me??? Glasses, Jewelry, Color Combo, Age, I'm not sure. Once I realized that I have many pictures of the same woman. There had to be a story. I learned her name then I had to google her to find out more. Iris inspires me in so many ways. I now have a board decicated to Iris. Only Icons rate their own boards. First, her distinctive personal style. She is a collector and decorator. Her lovely 5th Avenue Home is filled with collections. She started a fashion business in her 80's. Finally...I started collecting Vintage Bakelite jewelry the second I saw this photo of Iris. If we knew eachother we would be friends. Now where do I get a pair of those glasses!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Legends Cafe Irvington, IN / Jenny Elkins

When I was visiting Jenny Elkins she was working on this series to be hung in Legends Cafe, Irvington, IN the month of February. To see the entire series go to or Legends Cafe in Irvington, IN. Great food and Great Art. Updated Vintage is how I will describe this new work. Love It!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Before Pic of KeLe

Our Beloved LuLu passed on in October. We put our name on every Petfinder rescue list within a 5 hour radius for another female black Chow Chow mix. Four weeks later we trecked to Ohio to rescue Zoee. She was 8 months old. Bear loved her and she loved him. Zoee completed our family again. Then it happened....last week Animal House a pet rescue in Louisville called with a 2 year old black female Chow Chow named KeLe. The last thing we needed was another dog. But then again...We took one look at this before picture and fell in love. Then we took Bear and Zoee to meet her and they all wagged tails and sniffed. So you know the rest of this story....She's our dog now. Animal House shaved her to remove some matted fur. I will post a new pic when her fur grows out.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Iris Apfel

Met Iris on Pinterest. The Irreverent Iris Apfel, Rare Bird of Fashion is the name of a book honoring Iris. I started collecting large clunky turquoise jewelry the second I saw this photo. She is my style Icon!


Last year Jenny Elkins told me about Pinterest. To see what I am writing about scroll down to "My Blog List" find Jenny and click. Once on her blog click her "Pinterest" link and it takes you to her boards. Look at her boards and click on an category you find interesting. Once there click on an image you want to know more about. Then come back and click on another and another and another. Then click on her followers, then their followers, followers followers, etc.... Pinterest takes you on an inspirational ride. While I pretend I am doing research and development I can waste...oopps...I mean spend valuable hours viewing what others have pinned. I love the Art and Design categories. But then again the DIY (do it yourself) is becoming one of my faves. Who am I kidding even food, gardening, history can get me jazzed. I found a remedy for a plumbing problem I could fix with baking soda. Many informational sites on how to make anything from anything. Learned how to use my digital camera more effectivly. I was happy just going on the ride and didn't feel that my life was missing anything.... That is till I went to visit Jenny last week and she showed me how to set up my own boards. So now to see me you click on the red "Follow Me On Pinterest" button and you can see my boards. Follow me and who I follow. INSPIRATIONAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT !

Super Bowl Sunday