Saturday, June 29, 2013

DyeSigns by Pamela

Pam is vying for the cover of the Crafts Report Magazine.  I have written many posts about Pam who is a Fiber Artist by day and a Dresser in the Theatre by night.  This picture shows the many color combos and textures of Pam's fab scarves which  she wholesales and retails across the country.  The cover of a national publication could be a big ass deal for DyeSigns by Pamela.  So July 1-4 go to #Pamela4TCRcover@DyeSigns_Pamela and vote for Pam. 

Empty Nest

Our Robin's are gone.  Two left on Thursday and the third left yesterday.  One of the babies wandered into our fenced in yard and was about to be investigated by 3 big black dogs when Sam rescued the bird and put it in our neighbors flower bed.  Only the strong survive!


A little dittie Sam wrote on our chalkboard wall.  We both had to do math.  Were shocked to discover 27 years......  And we said it wouldn't last.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

It Takes a Rainbow / Now Let's Go Nationwide!

Congrats to all my gay friends.....You are one step closer to gaining equality.  Now go get married in the states that allow.  It's just a matter of time before all states will have to recognize your status. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Big Birds

For The Birds

This spring we had an energetic Robin build not one but two and a half nests in the rafters of our back porch.  This has been a lot of fun because we can watch two adult Robins feed 3 baby birds.  Right now they are all using the nest to the left.  The half nest is no more.  Not sure about the extra nest. 

I can lay on the sofa and watch the babies beaks peak out over the nest.  Then one of the two Robin's arrive with food in beak.  Sometimes they are both there to feed the little ones.  It takes so little to entertain me these days:)

Conclusion of the Adventure

Out of that overloaded van...............Caroline and Robbie manage to set up their show booths.  We are so glad we traveled in one van because it made the drive to and from Atlanta so much more enjoyable.  We both managed to set up our "A" booths.  The crowds were plentiful; however, sales were not enough to justify the travel expenses and time away from home.  Maybe we could build a following but really there are more opportunities close to home.