Saturday, December 20, 2014

Have A Happy

In 2015 I promise to be a better blogger.  This year I have not!  Too busy doing stuff that keeps me too busy to blog. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend / Long Lost Relatives

Robbie, Mary, Sam, Sharon, & Jay
Returning from Poplar Bluff, MO after celebrating  the birthday of Sharon Alexander Swinger.  Happy to be a part of this celebration.  A joyous experience for Sam to finally meet his half sister Sharon and her daughter Mary and son Jay.  Not to mention all of Sharon's friends and extended family.  OMG the food, the laughter, the fun!  Honored all military in our lives past and present esp.
Orval N Alexander and Charlie Swinger 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mellwood Antiques & Interiors will Open In March

This year the Goss Avenue Antiques and Interiors Closed its doors February.  My mother who had sizeable real estate at Goss opted to move to Mellwood Antiques and Interiors.  It has been a long hard winter painting and finessing the new space.  She has most of the large furniture moved.   New mall is wired and her chandeliers are hung and lit.   Soon as the construction dust settles she will unwrap all her furniture and retrieve boxes of lamps, paintings, etc...from two storage units.   Rumor had it earlier in the week that this weekend the mall would open so we are scrambling.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Family / Marti McGinnis

This past summer I was next to Marti McGinnis at Art in Speed Park.  Marti is such a talent.  She does Whimsy better than anyone!  I have featured Marti's booth and Art Car in earlier posts.  So I was very excited when Marti wanted my painted horse necklace and ear rings.  Then she or it was probably me who said Wanna Trade!!!!  I told her that I LOVE everything she makes so she can send me anything. 

Last week she posted this adorable painting on face book and I loved it but didn't realize it was her impression of my Happy Family until it arrived in the mail yesterday.  Thank You Marti!!!  Every time I look at this wonderful painting it makes me smile.  That it is your impression of me and my family makes me smile more!  You Are The One!

You can find Marti McGinnis at

Eternal Love/ Chalk Art/ Sam Alexander

Happy Valentine's Day! 
Sam has been reading about King Tut so his chalk board greeting to me this morning  was inspired by the King.  He even included our royal dogs.  Note that Bear and Kele are more robust than Zo.   

Monday, January 27, 2014

Installation Art / Robbie Moriarty

In our home there is a tiny hall.  It gets a lot of traffic with 3 dogs.  I needed something that was tall and narrow.  I had the head collage.  Just needed to make a body out of found objects.  

Metal Stamping Class / My Studio


Susan Abbott and Judy George dropped in my studio for a metal stamping class.  This forced me to organize my studio and learn how to use the metal stamps that I have been collecting.  Yes, I had to go online for tips because there is a learning curve.  We all got the hang of it and completed several projects.  Currently...I am sporting a copper "ROCK ON W/ YOUR BAD SELF"  cuff bracelet.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Embossed Brass Hearts/ Robbie Moriarty

A tray of completed Ear Rings and Pins using some new techniques embossing  and dying the metal.   
My new Tim Holtz Vagabond Machine arrived....So this past week I embossed some brass hearts.  Then the fun begins where color is added to the metal.  The next step is to polish so pigment is removed from the raised areas.  I should have been done....not so fast... they still needed to be beaded to death.  A little bit of a different look for me.  Now on to embossed shamrocks and horses.   

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year New Dog Friendly Bedding

Zoee/ Bear 3/ Kele.  Marie Day  reminded me that we always have a 3 dog night at our house.

Happy New Year / Let The Games Begin


Noses and Eyewear

Tucan Sam

Nerf Gun While Wearing Noses
Targets...Cans Not Crystal 
The Agony of Defeat

Happy New Year / The Usual Suspects

Bruce and Scott

Mark and Mike
Caroline and Don, Special Out of Town Guests

Happy New Year / Epler-Milburn Estate

A Delish Table

Tree Filled Memories
The Buddy Dish With Eggs

The Buddy Dish Without

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Oak Room @ The Sealbach Hotel

Susan Abbott hosted a brunch in honor of the newlyweds Rick and Kent.  Susan made the already superb venue even better by bringing flowers and candles for our table located in the Al Capone room.

Back in the day Al spent lots of time at the Sealbach.  This is the room he ate, drank, played cards etc... The room was equipped with a secret escape door.  Designed to look like paneling.  Ready when Al needed to escape.  Also in the room was a very large mirror that was used to cheat at cards. I suspect the escape door was used often.
Kent and Sharon
Thanks Boys for giving us a reason to eat desert with every course to celebrate your nuptials 
Thanks to Susan for a wonderful day.  You are the one!

Let It Snow / Jenny Elkins

Jenny Elkins always gives great gifts.  Love the black and white stripe and dot scarf but what I love even more is the hand painted craft paper bag.  Years ago she painted Santa on a box that I still have...I can't even remember what was in that box.  Yet each year the box and now the bag will be part of my holiday d├ęcor.  Jenny Elkins is the Best!

Merrell Encore Ice Clog / Best Shoes In The Land

Just arrived a new pair of Merrell Encore Ice Clogs.  Lined with lambs wool.  These shoes last for years in fact I have owned 4 pairs now.  I have to force myself to toss the worn and always make sure two pairs are in rotation.  Simply the very best!

Christmas Eve @ Mom's

We have a new tradition at Mom's.  Instead of a big ass meal we have tenderloin sandwiches, delish sides and deserts.  We spend more time visiting and enjoying each other.  The nephews are old enough to hold their own in conversation.  It has been so much fun watching them grow into the fine young men they have become.  Thanks Mom and Lon for another wonderful holiday!

A Christmas Memory / Rick Milburn and Kent Epler

The Invitation Arrived
Table laden with delish food.  Rick and Kent's definition of lite fare 
Sweet Susan Abbott poses with Kent in his Lucky Shirt!

I was so caught up in festivities that I didn't take of picture of how their family room was transformed into a theatre by lining up rows of chairs.  Fred was announced.  He did this awesome 45 minute performance.  Then there was a dining room filled with all this delish food.  No pictures of the theatre or Fred during his performance or after. could hear a pin drop.  We were all glued to Fred and descriptions of his Christmas.  After...he had a line of well wishers and you couldn't get him alone. The day will be..... My Magical Christmas Memory.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Truman Capote, A Christmas Memory peformed by Fred Foster

Rick and Kent hosted a holiday party while their good friend Fred Foster was visiting.  Fred resides in Los Vegas and makes it a point to visit every December where he performs at a Big Ass fundraiser.  While in town Fred performed Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory in Rick and Kent's lovely Silver Hill Estate.  Fred is such a gifted performer.  If you were not familiar with the story one would think Fred is recollecting his own.  Mesmerizing!