Friday, February 27, 2009

2008 Craft Market Girls/Houseguests

T. Kibby, Robbie (me), Deb Chenault, Jamison Brumm

March Maddness / Justine Dennis and Gordon

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Kentucky Craft Market. You help me be a full time artisan and I never take that for granted. We had respectable retail sales at our Market this year. Maybe the stimulus is working already.

In Louisville our secret weapon is the Kentucky Derby. It will happen the first saturday in may no matter what. I am excited about my new Derby Designs. I will be post them on this blog. I hope this weekend. Still not completely comfortable using my digital camera and uploading photos. But I have been told to keep doing it and sooner or later it will become easy.

My friend Justine Dennis was across from me at the Craft Market. Justine has invented a style of working with yarn and fiber that is completely unique. In the beginning all she did was bowls. Now she has branched out and had a booth full of to die for hats! Yes hats. She also offered small purses that fit the latest tech. gadget. To top it off she reused 45 records and combined her fiber, vintage ties to make purses. I had to have a hat. But I really wanted everything in her booth.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love Anything made out of found objects.

Sam found this banjo player at the Good Folk Fest and suprised me, knew that i would love her.

Jamison Brumm

Robbie (me)

Deb Chenault

2009 Kentucky Craft Market

Let it Snow Just not During the KY Craft Market

This past week I used the snow as an excuse to chill. Didn't count on the destruction from the ice. I feel sorry for the trees. We were lucky we had power. My husband Sam was off work all week. At first he tried to shovel our drive, defrost cars, and stay a step ahead of the snow. By day two he gave up the battle and we cranked up the gas logs in the fireplace and read lots of books. Watched a couple good movies. Tried to stay off the roads.

Last Year during the Kentucky Craft Market we had over 10 inches of snow. As the Mayor was telling everyone to stay home and off the steets, The Ky Fair and Exposition Center was telling everyone The Kentucky Craft Market would be open. Damn! A few brave folks came but most stayed home which is where I wanted to be. It's just not any fun being at a show with out any patrons. So I am grateful for the snow now and hope it is over by February 18th when I have to set up my booth for the Market and display my 2009 Jewelry line.