Monday, August 23, 2010

Bear 3 and his Rawhide

Our new Bear is adorable. He loves to chew so Sam purchased some big ass rawhides for him.

When LuLu wants him to play with her she will find his rawhide and proceed to trapse around the house with it in her mouth. She hid hers so we all know she is tormenting Bear. He patiently watches and waits for her to put it down and discretly goes over and gets it!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Wedding/ Katie and Robbie

The adorable groom and bride. I stole this photo off Jenny's blog. It is so tiny. Not sure how to make it larger.

The Cake

For the past several years I have gone on a trip with Jenny Elkins, Sweet Sue and Katie Elkins. This year we gathered at Katie's wedding with her long term love Robbie.

Orange has always been Katie's favorite color so the wedding reflected this with the flowers and accents on the cake. It is good to have a talented aunt because Jenny did all the flowers.

Sweet Sue changed from her fancy shoes to something more comfy (flip flops) so she could bust a move on the dance floor. I managed to do the electric slide and that new line dance with out sustaining a dance injury. We left before they did YMCA.

Best Wishes for the Newlyweds who have left for Aruba on thier honeymoon.

Ed and Jenny Elkins Angelton

Ed and Jenny @ Katie's wedding. Good time was had by all!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Art in Speed Park...Almost Here!!!!

This is a special show that has such a loyal following. This will be the 20th year of the show and I am sure Kim Johnson will have outdone herself. After All she did win Today's Woman "Woman in the Art's" award and was on the cover of said magazine. You Rock Girl!

Roxy Lentz / Congratz!!!

Roxy won a grant to go to Italy to do a two week jewelry work shop. Rock on with your bad self Roxy!!! Not that her jewelry needs to be improved....Roxy makes wonderful jewelry out of found metal...trays, raw brass, tin, anything she gets her hands on. She torches and works her magic to achieve an incredible patina that can not be found otherwise. I define her work as rustic/contemporary but that still doesn't quite capture what Roxy is about.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Love a Good Storage Idea

Gary and Ellen Armstrong have a cellar off their kitchen. It is handy to have hooks for pots and pans going down the stairs. At a glance you can see what you need.

Can't even think of using pots and pans on the stove in this heat!!! The humidity is high and was not surprised to discover we have record highs in temp. this summer We had record lows last year and I knew there would be payback.

Rumor has it that schools are starting back. It seems early. But might as well be in the air conditioned comfort of the school.

Still making new stock for fall. Excited about some new designs that have worked out. There are lots that don't so it is always good when some do.

Stay cool!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Where Over the Rainbow / Art Car Weekend 2010

Gotta love a guy who can "rock" these rainbow pants!!!! Cute girls pose in front of my OZ Art Truck! The Christmas car was in front of me. Fun car during the day but a spectacle at night! Good time was had by all.

That Car / Greg Phelps

We were lucky this year to get Greg for our Art Car Lecture. Greg is a delight but who knew that he would have such a clever informative program lined up for us!!!!

Go Van Gogh / Paula Cundiff

Paula had her van done in time. Now she will spend the next year finessing. In the background you can see Gary's Yellow Submarine. Gary comes to KY each year from Arkansas with his girlfriend Yoko Ono.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Trio of Jasper John's inspired Art Cars

Art Car Weekend 2010

This year we had a drive by "Art Van Stalker" Her main message was to encourage smoking so the good folks at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft decided since the event features kids that it would create more controversy having the van as part of our show.

I was glad! Aside from not wanting to be next to her admitted 4-5 packs a day second hand smoke....I could tell she was a little off when she shouted that her tax dollars paid for The Art Car Weekend... when I knew for sure they didn't. I was also glad that when she drove hand was waving a banner out the window and the other was clutched to a cig, thus both hands were occupied so she couldnt bear her arms.

Her van was cool. Not sure about her intent. But if she keeps up those 4-5 packs a day I feel sure that Obama care will be her best friend sooner or later. I do think our tax dollars will ultimately pay for her "right" to smoke.