Monday, December 9, 2013

Come On Over For Some Studio Cheer!

Once a year I clear a path and tidy up my studio.  During this time I have an open house that I hope friends, family, art peeps, etc. drop in to visit for a little holiday fun.  I have door prizes, lite fare, and my world famous wine spritzer.  Hope to see you there!  x0x0x0xRobbie

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Cocktail Party...Suzy Hunt

Suzy hosts a cocktail party Sunday night when Kent's brother Joe and his lovely wife Denise arrive. 

Sailing the Sound...Don and Caroline Bishop

The next day we gather a delish pic nic to take to Don and Caroline's Sailboat.  Caroline purchased this boat as her first dwelling decades ago.  I love a gutzy girl who defies convention.  I was happy just hanging out in this adorable vessel while docked.  But it gets better we toured Seattle via the water the rest of the day. 

The Wedding Party.......................PARTY

As Rick's best man, I was required to travel to Seattle for the nuptials.  The first night I met the wedding gang blocks from my hotel at a Tai joint. Beginning on left.. Don and Caroline Bishop met Rick and Kent when they were doing art shows on the west coast.  Caroline makes awesome lanterns from copper, wood, and glass.  Don is the supporting husband who lives on their sailboat 3 days a week and works at Boeing.  Caroline keeps the home fires burning in Idaho.  You know Rick, my life long friend who I met before we could drive.  On the Right, me.  Then the sensational Suzy Hunt, an actress friend of Kent's from his college days.  Suzy lives in the Queens district of Seattle.  Her wonderful apartment was command central for the festivities.  My hotel was a few blocks away.  It was so fun being urban.   Then Kent who has been Rick's life partner for the past 25 years. 

The Wedding Event of the Year...Rick Milburn and Kent Epler

Finally....after 25 years of cohabitation....Rick and Kent went to Seattle, WA (one of the states that allows gay marriage) and tied the knot.  It is just a matter of time before all the states have to recognize the rights of all people who want to marry. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Studio Sale / Gaye Medbury

Today my friend Gaye had a Studio Sale.  Gaye makes books.  Not to be believed hand made books.  Awesome books.  She is also a collector of everything. 

The sale was invitation only.... and for 25dollars you filled a Whole Foods Shopping bag.   Or several if you wanted.  No early sales. So I set my alarm and made it to the sale at 9am sharp.  With 6 other eager shoppers who know when Gaye gets tired of stuff she lets it go to another good home.  

So excited about all the great loot.  I plan to make some mixed media pcs. for some shows next year.  Who knows what I will do with the yarns.  Just had to have them. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sharpie Dying

Saw a DIY on Pinterest about using Sharpie Markers to dye fabric.  Well this purse is a great, lightweight, travel bag.  Lots of compartments and the inside is a pattern...Not black.  I just was not wild about the pastel straps and pockets.  Well I drew some patterns with Sharpies then drops of alcohol.  OK it's not a big difference but I like the purse way better.  I may go in and add some black patterns. 

Going Green with Peggy Moriarty, Cheryl Scott, Marie Day Moriarty

Met my Aunts in Dublin Ohio for the Irish Festival.  We all got our Irish on during the 3 days of festivities. 

Great music, beer, food, merchants.  Lots of Irish vendors. There was a special Irish Artist Section.  Hmmmm possibility for my future???  I now know why I sell so much Irish jewelry when I do the Winterfair Holiday Art Show, Columbus Ohio in December....Dublin, Ohio is located next to Columbus.  Lot's O Irish in the area.

Also, I discovered that my neighbor  in Louisville, KY is one of the Ladies of Longford and plays the fiddle.  It's like she is a mother of 3 during the day and a super hero rock star by night.  Now I understand why her twins are always practicing their Irish dance on the patio.   

Monday, July 22, 2013

Salvage Fence Headboard

For years we have had an oak day bed frame as our headboard because I couldn't decide what to do.  After pinning tons of ideas from Pinterest....I discovered a neighbor tossing out a fence.  After a couple coats of poly to seal the wood I dry brushed a couple of colors on top so it has a distressed look.  Painted the wall a tan that I love. 

The red glow on the left side of the big ass king size bed, is Sam's big ass digital clock that has large numbers and is loud!  I have to choose my battles.....he went along with a fence headboard after all. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Belated Happy 4th of July

Spent July 4th at our cabin with the black dogs Zoee, Bear, and Kele.  A good time was had by all!


We have a vintage Airstream.  But I suspect we don't have the energy to restore.  It is too cute!  Someday it might be a guest cottage or studio.  Right now it sits in one of the barn bays. 

Vintage Metal Rocker

On the deck of our cabin in the woods we have this cool vintage rocker and would love another.  The matching glider is great.  But the rocker rocks!

Bath Day

Bear, Kele, and Zoee, hang out in the front yard trying to get dry after doggie baths.  Zoee went first and hated every second.  Tried to flee mid bath twice.  After she was finished... she dug a hole in the dirt and sat.  Kele didn't mind.  Bear on the other hand loved every minute.  He loves being brushed and fussed. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

DyeSigns by Pamela

Pam is vying for the cover of the Crafts Report Magazine.  I have written many posts about Pam who is a Fiber Artist by day and a Dresser in the Theatre by night.  This picture shows the many color combos and textures of Pam's fab scarves which  she wholesales and retails across the country.  The cover of a national publication could be a big ass deal for DyeSigns by Pamela.  So July 1-4 go to #Pamela4TCRcover@DyeSigns_Pamela and vote for Pam. 

Empty Nest

Our Robin's are gone.  Two left on Thursday and the third left yesterday.  One of the babies wandered into our fenced in yard and was about to be investigated by 3 big black dogs when Sam rescued the bird and put it in our neighbors flower bed.  Only the strong survive!


A little dittie Sam wrote on our chalkboard wall.  We both had to do math.  Were shocked to discover 27 years......  And we said it wouldn't last.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

It Takes a Rainbow / Now Let's Go Nationwide!

Congrats to all my gay friends.....You are one step closer to gaining equality.  Now go get married in the states that allow.  It's just a matter of time before all states will have to recognize your status. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Big Birds

For The Birds

This spring we had an energetic Robin build not one but two and a half nests in the rafters of our back porch.  This has been a lot of fun because we can watch two adult Robins feed 3 baby birds.  Right now they are all using the nest to the left.  The half nest is no more.  Not sure about the extra nest. 

I can lay on the sofa and watch the babies beaks peak out over the nest.  Then one of the two Robin's arrive with food in beak.  Sometimes they are both there to feed the little ones.  It takes so little to entertain me these days:)

Conclusion of the Adventure

Out of that overloaded van...............Caroline and Robbie manage to set up their show booths.  We are so glad we traveled in one van because it made the drive to and from Atlanta so much more enjoyable.  We both managed to set up our "A" booths.  The crowds were plentiful; however, sales were not enough to justify the travel expenses and time away from home.  Maybe we could build a following but really there are more opportunities close to home. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Loading the van.....for Robbie and Caroline's Excellent Adventure

Leaving for Atlanta to be in the Dunwoody Splash Festival Art Show.  Traveling with Caroline Zama.  The plan was to follow each other.  But.........we decided it would be more fun to be in the same van for the 6 hours and 18 minutes travel time.   Unloading and reloading may also take 6 hours and 18 minutes.   I'll keep you posted.  PS my luggage is now those flexable pokadot bags.  I always knew I was one step away from being a bag lady.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Closet Re-do

Posted on March 18 about the closet re-do and now April 18 it is done.   My small closet has been turned into a walk in.  Doubled the size of the original closet footprint.  Relocated heat and air.  Moved electric.  Sam my personal handyman built the walls and installed the dry wall.  I was in charge of filling, patching, and painting.  Then spent the week installing hardware.  Hooks are more useful to me than hangers and they take up less room.  Ceiling has, you guessed it, hooks for my sun visors.  Hooks, Hooks, Hooks!

The back of the mirrored doors have see thru pockets to hold belts, buckles, etc..  I was able to work in the cute, hand painted, thrift store ottoman (stored in my attic for a decade) and all my shoes are in clear tubs along the perimeter.

My years of  planning a 10 by 10 booth at art shows assisted me in this 6 by 6 space.  Organized at last.  Takes so little to make me happy.    

Monday, March 25, 2013

Fiber Purse / Robbie Moriarty

I love Fiber!  Years ago I found this purse at a Thrift Store covered in a Turkish rug.  It was a great beginning for adding stuff.  I will not be happy until I have embellished it to death!  This is what I do when we rent movies.  One eye on the screen the other on whatever project I'm working. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Break on thru to the Other Side / Closet Re-Do

Yes, there is 4 additional feet behind my regular closet.  We are down to studs.  Now I wait for experts to relocate heat/air vents and install electric.  Sam (above) my favorite Stud/Handyman will drywall once complete.  Walk in closet...................So excited!  Takes square footage to make me happy:) 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Leprechaun Name?

Melissa Medley had this on Facebook this morning.  Mine is Warty Mc Smelly...Sam's is Bleary O'Blaze.  Bear is Shelleagh O'Blaze, Kele is Warty O'Blaze, Zo is Rusty O; Blaze......................

Happy St. Pat's Day!!!

Bear gets in touch with his feminine Irish side.  Hope you all have a wonderful, green, St. Paddy's Day!!!!