Friday, September 25, 2009

St. James Art Fair / Historic Louisivlle / October 2-4

Over 750 artisans from all over the country.

Visit me at the corner of 4th and Magnolia

P.S. What Recession!!! Thanks to everyone who came and stimulated the economy at the show.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nancy Peterson/ Owner of Edenside Gallery

Edenside Gallery has been voted best in Louisville so often that I think Nancy has run out of room to put the awards in the Gallery.
I have often said I can walk in Edenside blindfolded and find something cool that I can't live without.
She is the savviest retailer in the country.
Thanks to Nancy's skilled eye and advice I was able to improve my jewelry. I took her the first item of my production line and asked her what she thought. She said she could sell it and sell she did.
This is a shout out to you Nancy! Thank you for all you do for the arts and craft in our community!!
Also, Nancy is responsible for finding Sam and I our Bear Dog. He is a constant joy in our life and we praise Nancy often in our household.

Jennifer Hartlage's Secret Weapons of Economic Stimulation

Carol, Terry, Janet, and Jennifer. Jennifer is the director of development for Collegiate School. She knows how to run a show. But her secret weapons are her sisters. Thanks girls for being a one family economic stimulas for Art in the Highlands!!!! The show was wonderful esp. considering we got rained out on sunday. But still the die hards came. This will be the show to watch in the future. Jennifer'shard work and professionalism was evident thruout. Hope it was as good for Collegiate as it was and will be for the artists.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Celebrate Fall @ Art in the Highlands this weekend

I'll be at the Louisville Collegiate School for Art in the Highlands. Located off Grindstead Drive. So will my jewelry peeps Jamison Brumm, Deb Chenault, Theresa Kibby.
Bill Brumm will have his stained glass treasures.
Kent Epler will have a booth filled with his wonderful fiber sculptures.
Rick Milburn's booth will feature his woven leather belt chairs, stools, tables, etc.... made from recycled belts.
Witches will be flying all around my booth.
See earlier posts for photos of the artist mentioned.

Scooter the Media Master

We have always known that Scooter knows how to get tons of free publicity.

This was more than evident at the Mellwood September Art Show when all of her media paid off and the masses attended a first year show at the Mellwood Art Center.

Rock on With Your Bad Self Scooter!!!

Chia Pet Update

Happy Birthday Jamie!!

Met Jamie and our favorite poet Gayle Wadell in Lexington today. Jamie and I had a photo shoot for Arts Across Kentucky. We are supposed to be on the Winter cover. Our 15 minutes of fame. After we managed to dine and celebrate the birth of our friend.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 19 & 20 / Art in the Highlands @ Collegiate School

Brand new show in the Highlands.

Now that the Ursuline Art Fair is no longer with us ....Collegiate School is trying to fill the void.

Brad Devlin will be one of the many fine artisans @ Art in the Highlands.

Art in the Highlands will focus on a quality, intimate, show. Only 80 artisans.

Hope to see you this weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Here!!

This is the Winner of the Poster Design Contest. Very Cute!

WOW!!! So many things went right with this show that I will not even discuss what things need to be tweaked for next year until we all celebrate how it Rocked! The hardest job for a show is to get the people to attend and attend they did. Not only that...... the patrons walked around the entire complex and spent the day. This is my vision of what our weekends can look like at Mellwood Art Center.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mellwood September Art Fair

Since there will be no Ursuline Art Fair this year Mellwood's September Art Fair, September 12 & 13, will be one of two new shows in town. Art in the Highlands, September 19 & 20, is the second show. It will take two shows to make up for the loss to the community of Ursuline. I look forward to both venues.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Home Studio/ The Storm before the Calm

If you have a clean, orderly, studio.... You are not getting any work done!!!! Lots of shows and several wholesale orders are keeping me busy! Only putting out fires the next few weeks.

Bead Junkie / Bead Fix

In the beginning I sold my work so I could buy more beads! Some things never change. Yesterday there was a wholesale bead show in Louisville so I rushed over to seek beads. Here is a photo of my fall pallete. Saw all my bead junkie peeps.

Tis The Season / Scarecrow / Jack

I don't show much of my jewelry and yesterday I figured out why. It takes a lot of photos to get one that I can use.
This is Jack my scarecrow pin. His head is copper, body is hand painted brass, then I bead his arms and legs.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Glam Shot of T. Kibby

Theresa is an actress by trade but her talent extends way beyond that.

Theresa Jean Kibby/ Kibby's Kritters

Theresa found that you can't live in Kentucky with out doing a Wild Kat.
I sell her wonderful, whimsical jewelry in my store at the Mellwood Arts Center.
She will also have a booth at the Mellwood September Art Show the 12 & 13.
A houseguest at my home too!

Kibby Kritters

Theresa used to be Jamison's apprentice. She developed her own jewelry line made from anodized alumiumn.
This is her dog. Too Cute!

Jamison and Bill Brumm

Jamie's Work

Jamie, works with anodized alumimun. This is a sample of a bracelet, pendant, and a pair of ear rings.
She studies partnership cultures and this history is reflected in her work.
Jamie and Bill will both be at the Mellwood September Show, 12 & 13. Also they will be my houseguests. Can't wait!

Bill's Stained Glass

Piece Bill did for the Master Musician's Festival in Somerset, KY

Sam and LuLu

We think LuLu might be on the Witness Protection Program. She will be sitting there looking cute and I bring out the camera and she turns away. Gets up and moves. If I even reach for the camera she will not look at me.

Also, It was brought to my attention that Bear and LuLu get more ink and photos than husband Sam:)

Friday, September 4, 2009


Growing up I always loved going to Woolworth's. This was long before Dollar Trees. At Woolworths you could get anything from a milkshake to a parakeet. I could take baby sitting money and become the consumer I was born to be.

So it was bittersweet when all the Woolworth's departed from our area. But the sign still lives on in my dining room. Cari had it in her house for years. Then made my dreams come true when she decided to move on to another decor. Thank You Cari! And Sam for surprising me with the sign for Christmas one year.

Chia Pet

Sam wants to add a third dog to our life.

I keep resisting. Finally got him a Chia Dog instead. I have always wanted one.

Actually read the directions this time and am watching our new puppy grow.

Girls Hang Out @ the Wood all Day

Marianne, Pam, Robbie, and Judy dined in the courtyard of Mellwood in front of my studio/store. Lovely afternoon. I don't mind tending my store when girlfriends drop in and we have lunch and hang out. I am trying the "Turtle" look where you hide the double chin.

Kent B-day Boy & Rick (friend since before we could drive)

Instead of our usual Project Runway thursday we celebrated Kent's Birthday by dining at the Bristol and going to see Lookingglass Alice @ Actor's theatre. Night caps at Proof and 21C to see the latest art offerings. Not sure how old Kent is....I think he is subtracting years.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Never Too Young to be Exposed to Art

Here's PJ, Gracie (cutest baby in the land), and Elaine Steele spending the day at Art in Speed Park.

This might be their last day to relax and enjoy an Art Fair since Elaine is in charge of the 4th Street Section of the St. James Court Art Fair. She has become aware that artists do not read any of the information that the show sends out. Our brain is not wired that way. Elaine has figured that she has to trick us to read our artists packets.

Rock on with your bad self Elaine and Family. I will see you the first weekend in October.

My booth is on the corner of 4th and Magnolia. I guess I'll have to read my packet to find out for sure:)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Deb Chenault's Jewelry

When not at an Art Show... Deb can be found at Promanade Gallery in Berea, KY. She has all her hand crafted sterling silver items in this vintage oak showcase.

Deb Chenault / Jeweler

Deb is one of my daily e-mail friends. I can't seem to begin the day unless I "E" her or she "E's" me.

This past week I had an extra treat of Deb spending the weekend with us. She was lured to be in "Art in Speed Park" by that "Rainmaker" Kim Johnson. Needless to say....Kim knows her market and the patrons at the show loved Deb and her wonderful sterling jewelry.

Deb will be back in this area September 12 & 13 for Mellwood's September Art Fair. Jamison Brumm and Theresa Kibby will be there too. Can't wait! I look forward to having my artist friends staying with me and having a slumber party as much as I look forward to the show. More on Jamison Brumm and T. Kibby later.

September / The Fall Begins

Here is a sample of some of our Halloween Collections. I forced Sam to collect something so he would stop at Flea Markets and Antique Malls in our travels. He decided on Halloween because it is his favorite holiday. Mine too! As a child and adult I have been known to be competitive when it comes to a costume.

I make a line of Whimsical Halloween Jewelry. I will post photos of Jewelry later.

Bear / Ready for the Fall

Arachine is a wonderful weaver. I found her work last year at The Promanade Gallery in Berea, KY.

This summer I met her while we both were in Francisco's Farm Art Show, Midway, KY. She mentioned that she is doing a book with photos of dogs wearing her scarves and hats. Say no more. As I have mentioned before......Bear doesn't take a bad photo. Even if this look is a little girley for him. He is used to wearing hats for photos.