Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Cocktail Party...Suzy Hunt

Suzy hosts a cocktail party Sunday night when Kent's brother Joe and his lovely wife Denise arrive. 

Sailing the Sound...Don and Caroline Bishop

The next day we gather a delish pic nic to take to Don and Caroline's Sailboat.  Caroline purchased this boat as her first dwelling decades ago.  I love a gutzy girl who defies convention.  I was happy just hanging out in this adorable vessel while docked.  But it gets better we toured Seattle via the water the rest of the day. 

The Wedding Party.......................PARTY

As Rick's best man, I was required to travel to Seattle for the nuptials.  The first night I met the wedding gang blocks from my hotel at a Tai joint. Beginning on left.. Don and Caroline Bishop met Rick and Kent when they were doing art shows on the west coast.  Caroline makes awesome lanterns from copper, wood, and glass.  Don is the supporting husband who lives on their sailboat 3 days a week and works at Boeing.  Caroline keeps the home fires burning in Idaho.  You know Rick, my life long friend who I met before we could drive.  On the Right, me.  Then the sensational Suzy Hunt, an actress friend of Kent's from his college days.  Suzy lives in the Queens district of Seattle.  Her wonderful apartment was command central for the festivities.  My hotel was a few blocks away.  It was so fun being urban.   Then Kent who has been Rick's life partner for the past 25 years. 

The Wedding Event of the Year...Rick Milburn and Kent Epler

Finally....after 25 years of cohabitation....Rick and Kent went to Seattle, WA (one of the states that allows gay marriage) and tied the knot.  It is just a matter of time before all the states have to recognize the rights of all people who want to marry.