Thursday, April 18, 2013

Closet Re-do

Posted on March 18 about the closet re-do and now April 18 it is done.   My small closet has been turned into a walk in.  Doubled the size of the original closet footprint.  Relocated heat and air.  Moved electric.  Sam my personal handyman built the walls and installed the dry wall.  I was in charge of filling, patching, and painting.  Then spent the week installing hardware.  Hooks are more useful to me than hangers and they take up less room.  Ceiling has, you guessed it, hooks for my sun visors.  Hooks, Hooks, Hooks!

The back of the mirrored doors have see thru pockets to hold belts, buckles, etc..  I was able to work in the cute, hand painted, thrift store ottoman (stored in my attic for a decade) and all my shoes are in clear tubs along the perimeter.

My years of  planning a 10 by 10 booth at art shows assisted me in this 6 by 6 space.  Organized at last.  Takes so little to make me happy.