Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kentucky Crafted /The Market

March 3-4 Lexington Convention Center. Lexington, KY.

Saturday 10-8
Sunday 10-5.

See you there!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cherokee Triangle Rejection Letter

Well it arrived today. You know the show rejection letter that tells you the demand is greater than the supply. I didn't make the cut for the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair.

I hate this for several reasons.................................

The First, I make Derby Jewelry and the show is the weekend before the Derby.

The Second, in spite of the jury rejection, I have loved doing this show in the past. Tho it has been a 8 years since I have been in the show.

The Third, now that I do not have a store I will need to have a Studio Open House before Derby. For me a show is often easier to do than a Studio Open House. Which as you know, requires me to clean up my studio:)

I will be passing the invite out at the Kentucky Crafted: The Market this weekend. Also will post an invite on this blog. For those of you that came to my Holiday Open House, you know how much fun it was. I am hoping for more fun this spring.

Christmas Art Jewelry

Cats & Dogs Art Jewelry

St. Pats & Easter Art Jewelry

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mom, Lon, and Me / Marco Island Florida

We ate at Hoots one meal a day. They have two locations one Marco and the other in Naples. We managed to do both.

Lon is wearing his fave Art in Speed Park T-shirt. He can be counted on to advertize the art shows for me when he is in Kentucky as well as Florida. Thanks Lon!!


Just returned from 5 days in sunny Florida. My parents have a house a block from the ocean. They have updated the entire house but stopped when it came to the screened in porch.

So I made the sacrifice to leave winter in Louisville where temps were in the 40's. It was sunny and 85 when I arrived in Marco. They needed me to help with the paint and decor. I just love a decorating emergency!

We also managed to find time to shop. How cute is this post card trunk???? It holds charcoal, starter fluid, etc... And really love the beach girls.

The pillow from Airzona belonged to my grandparents. The bucket candles, trunk, and beach girls came from my favorite store on Marco. Bells Outlet. Sam and I discovered it when we were there this past summer. Mom was humoring me by going there and didn't think she would find anything. Ha she should know that I am the bargain decor whisperer!

Before and After / Mom and Lon's Florida House