Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Finnegan The Wonder Puppy

Recently Marie Day lost her beloved dog Bak. Bak was with Marie during the tough times of selling her ranch and bar in Washington State and traveling cross country to relocate with her in Washington, PA. His life was too short and he will be missed.

Well Finnegan, Marie's new Labordoodle puppy, has really big paws to fill. He is in Bak's old bed hoping to soak up the wisdom of Bak. Next time I see Finn he will be 65 lbs of love.

Bottle Border @ Mellwood Cafe

Amy the owner of the Mellwood Cafe @ The Mellwood Arts Center used recycled wine bottles to border the plants in the courtyard. The stainless steel vessels are leftover from Fisher's Meatpacking plant.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lucy Angelton-Elkins

Not sure if Lucy is allowed on the couch but how can she resist when there's another dog who looks just like her on the pillow and a comfy hand knit blanket just waiting.

Carpet Painting / Robbie Moriarty

When you have two spoiled dogs it is a never ending task to keep your carpets looking good. Doggies love to eat their treats on the rugs. Steam cleaning will not remove the stains so I decided to get a carpet that I could paint when it started looking bad.

I did an art show this past weekend. Sam and dogs went to the cabin. So I had an empty house to paint my rugs. But was also doing a show. Multitasker that I am I did the show during the day and painted the rugs at night. Finished just in time for the return of Bear and LuLu.

Not sure I am entirely happy with the results....but I can paint over when I have an empty house again. I'm just glad my plan worked.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marvin Schnoll and Sharon Lowry

Marvin and Sharon were next to me at the Crescent Hill 4th. of July Art Fair. Love having great neighbors!

This show seems to be the best kept secret in Louisville. Many were surprised at the quality of seasoned pros mixed with fresh faces of new artisans. This means the show is an opportunity for a new artist to get started. And for the consumer to get a glimpse of early (usually under priced) work!

I managed to purchase 6 bottle trees for our front yard. Just can't get enough of them. Still want more.

Thanks again to my loyal peeps for making this Independence Weekend Art Show so much fun!