Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Trolley Hop @ Mellwood Arts Center

Who cares about a few raindrops!

Come out tonight for the FAT Friday Trolley Hop. The Trolleys run up and down Frankfort and Mellwood Avenues every 15 minutes. Park @ Mellwood and jump on the Trolley. Or spend the entire evening at Mellwood.

I will be in my store from 6-9 pm. Spiced Cider anyone?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Pi by Tom Kean

Tom Keen decided to make a pumpkin Pi for Deb Chenault.

Looks good enough to eat.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Adult and Kids Pottery Classes

Caroline Zama of Starbird Pottery Has a unique line of whimsical pottery. Her textures and glazes are eye candy. She teaches classes in her home for groups and private lessons.

I can't wait to do one of her Ladies Clay Night.

Caroline uses a multitude of textures, stamps, and carving to add dimension to the pieces. Slab building, coiling and pinching are among the techniques taught in her classes.

I have a fun history with Caroline because her family rented the house across the street from mine (before buying a home a mile away) when they arrived in Louisville. I went over to apologize for the view of my Art Truck and her husband Stephen said not to worry his wife was an artist and would love it. Talk about fate! We were destined to be friends. I took her to all my favorite discount and thrift stores on our first outing. To contact Caroline Call 502-895-6086 or

Cattywampus Bags by Amanda Clark

Great Fall Colors!! Amanda makes the perfect size purse to carry a phone, keys, shades, and lipstick.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Michael Terra's Squints

We are so lucky in Kentucky because Michael Terra relocated his family from the east and west coast to Paducah KY. He is part of the artist relocation program in Paducah. I get it confused with the witness protection program but thats another story.....

Anyway, love Michael's squints. They are small faces that have such personality just like their creator. They make me smile every time I walk in my store.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bonnie Blue Brush Mirrors

Not sure why but my blog insists on printing this photo sideways. They are cute no matter which direction you are viewing.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scott Scaroboro's Devil is a Hyjacker

Love the way Scott took Star Wars Death Star Space Ship and turned it into the devil with flashing lights as eyes and arms and legs that move.

Adventure Hiking Trail

Sam and LuLu

LuLu must not have known that I was photographing her because she usually turns away from the camera.

Fall Leaves / Sunday Afternoon Hike

Sam and I took the dogs for a hike this past sunday so we could see the fall leaves.
Bear and his Daddy Dog Sam.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Collection

Copies of Vintage Halloween Decorations in Sam's collection
Love the expressions of these Jack O' Lanterns.
Sam has made a costume of a Pumpkin Head Scarecrow. It is about time for him to get it out of the attic and wear for the kids in our hood. He's been known to wear it random days in October not just Halloween:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bell Awards / Ron Lehocky

The WLKY Spirit of Louisville Foundation has given Ron Lehocky a Bell award for his chairity work.
Rock on with your bad self Ron!!!

Handcrafted Hearts Help Kids

Ron Lehocky has been making polymer clay items as a hobby for over a decade.

For the past several years Ron has figured out a way to get stores to sell his pins and donate the funds to The Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies. So the stores and the consumer are all involved in helping his chairity. 100% of the proceeds go directly to The Kids Center.

Ron is able to mix his job as a beloved pediatrician and his love of polymer clay art into a lean mean chairity machine. He has raised nearly $100,000- for the center.

I think he could be a full time craftsperson if he would just give up his day job!

So proud to call Ron Lehocky my friend.

Happy Halloween....Tis the Season

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Maybe because of the candy...or the costume....or just the changing of the leaves and cooler temps.

Robbie's Day of Dead Ear Rings

As far as I am concerned a girl can't get enough Skulls worked into her wardrobe.

Day of the Dead Skulls by Tammi Floyd

Skulls made out of found object by WI folk artist Tammi Floyd.

She calls her work Folk, Funk and Whimsy

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jill Kernodle's Mosaics

Jill's work at my store in the Mellwood Arts Center

Jill and Chad Kernodle

Every year I look forward to seeing my buds Jill and Chad from Kansas.

They travel 8 hours to be at the St. James Art Fair and have the booth right next to me on 4th. and Magnolia.

I also sell Jill's wonderful Mosaics in my store.

If they lived closer I would stalk them till they became my new best friends. As it is I have to settle for once a year.

I miss them already.