Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

Put away Christmas and only left out my Happy Snowmen! Looking forward to a brand new year. Fresh start, Clean Slate, Etc........

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Top: Lon and Shirley. Middle: Ryan, Tammy, Michael and Sean. Bottom: Sam and Me. Missing from family pic is my sister Tracy....Tracer you were missed this year. Congrats to brother Michael and Tammy for raising two fine young men! Mom and Lon, dinner and gifts FAB!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Love When This Happens.....

Judy George gave me these cool Holiday Decorations decades ago. Folk Art made by S.Siegel. Well last week at Goodwill I found a 3rd reindeer. Missing antlers that I can fix.

According to the tag on the bottom. It seems that in 1987 Stephanie Siegel liscensed her work to Kurt's Adler to be made in Taiwan. They did a pretty good job! I am always glad when the original artist gets credit and hopefully paid for a great idea that stands the test of time. But what I really love is finding another reindeer for my collection.

And Thanks Jude,I still love these holiday decorations.

Happy Holidays / Lu Lu Belle

Have A Great Day! LuLu will now that I have quit trying to photograph her in her finery.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Peace On Earth

The best 99 cent gift you can give to someone is a Peace On Earth bag from Whole Foods.

Never hurts to quest for Peace along with saving the planet by bringing your own bag to the grocery.

Holidays at the Lodge

Since we have a cabin in the woods....our home has elements of the cabin.

Fa La La

This year I have cute packaging for family gifts. No small children ...everyone is at the gift card/cash age. Years ago I hand painted a bunch of jewelry boxes to sell as travel jewelry cases. It is time to let that idea go. Then I had a cool plastic snowman covered place mat that I no longer used. Time to recycle. The snow guys make cute gift tags.

The gift tag can be an ornament. The box can hold jewelry, loose change, trinkets, etc....The packaging that just keeps on giving!

There was a time in my life that the packaging was better than the actual gift. I hope this is not true this year:)

Snowman Collection 2011

No Man Like A Snowman!!
I love to decorate with snowmen because I can leave up most of the decor after christmas if I want.

Been collecting sleds, mittens, snowmen, for years.

The cool fish above this tree was a trade with folk artist Stephen Meadows. I love his work! I hope his family loves mine so he will want to trade again.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Number One Fan / Paula Burke

OK Paula is a fan of my jewelry but more important she is the ultimate UofL Fan!!! She stops off at my studio on her way to a game.

Note the attention to detail. Her outfit is carefully planned. She is wearing my Santa Baby jewelry set with her UofL shirt and Santa Hat. Although she owns every UofL item I make she played the holiday card. Wise move!

Next she hops in her sporty "Red Hot" car with the UofL plate on the back.

All I can say is Go Cards!

Montana Mike's W/ Jenny Elkins

Often I will meet Jenny Elkins half way between her home of Indianapolis, IN and mine, Louisville, KY. Pickens are slim as to where we dine. Usually Cracker Barell. This time Jenny suggested we get out of our comfort zone and try a new place.

Yes, two female artists did stand out among the hunter/gatherers.

Jenny, was wearing some cool hand crafted christmas tree ear rings. Chain mail technique. I wanted a picture of them to inspire me. Also an excuse to see Jenny's cute smiling face on my blog.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Painted Shoes / Robbie Moriarty

Love painted shoes! Pat Smith is always wearing a pair of Dansko's painted by Mona. So I planned to send these to Mona to pimp out for me. Then decided to paint myself in my "gypsy graffiti" style to match my Art Show Booth and my work. Now I am painting a purse to match. Because as you know I love Matchy Matchy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Me and Santa aka Taco Abbott

Susan Abbott's new adorable rescue pup Taco came to my Open House in his Santa Suit.

Yes, people did get their photos made with Santa Paws. And yes I did happen to have his favorite doggy treats.

When I posted this pic I realize that we have the same hair color. His is natural while mine.......................

Studio Open House

My Studio Open House was a big ass success. A good time was had by all!!! I am leaving the studio pimped out like a gallery until the first of the year. Call me if you have a jewelry gift emergency.

Home Studio Goddess

Jenny Elkins made my studio goddess a decade ago. Most of the time she is wearing a floral dress.

My artist peeps know that I can't help but Robbieize everything that comes into our house. So it was no surprise to Jenny that I came up with the idea to make other outfits for her paper doll style. New outfits just velcro.

So when I should have been cleaning up my studio for it's Big Opening....I was updating a new dress for her. She needed some bling.