Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Making Superbowl

Found this image on FB. Kelly Ford Powell posted but not sure she is the one who made this Superbowl Delight.

The most exciting Superbowl in our family was 21 years ago when our nephew Sean Moriarty was born. Happy B-day to you Sean! Your such a fine young man. You make your family proud! Also proud of you for being man enough to carry a purse.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

The end of an era...Oh it was bound to happen sooner or later. I mean how long can you keep a 92 Ford Ranger alive?

It got a new life as an Art Truck...but at some point it didn't feel like totally reliable transportation. Even tho it ran great, major things didn't work like gas gage and radio.

So with a song in my heart and tears in my eyes I donated the Ozmobile to a charity that auctions off and raises funds for Veterans.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Robbieize The Charm Bracelet


Anyone who knows me knows that I Robbieize everything I touch. Just can't leave well enough alone. So it is no suprise when I should be making new designs for Kentucky Crafted: The Market which is March 3 & 4, my time is spent adding things to my charm bracelet from The Charming Weekend. Added some copper paper clips and more found objects. Much more!!! The more the better really! And turned it into a big-ass necklace that I plan to wear to the theatre tonight.

Inspiration for The Charming Weekend

Mary Noelker sent this link to inspire. She had plans for her own charm exchange.

I was soooo inspired that I wanted to copy each and every technique that I saw in this one. Such a fun way to produce something that I wouldn't ordinarily. Push me outside my comfort zone and try new techniques.

The following posts are of The Charming Weekend. You Totally Rock Mary for getting this together and making it such a fun adventure! And...well...so charming!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Charming Weekend / The Artists Less One

Michelle Weston glass blower, Leslie Baete Fawcett bead weaving jeweler, Mary Noelker lampwork jeweler, Marianne Brown potter, Kelli Pope pottery-metal jeweler, Robbie Moriarty mixed media jeweler. Not photographed because she had to leave before documentation:) Theresa Kibby anodized alumimun jeweler.

And so it began. Mary sent an e-mail asking if we (7 artist friends) would want to come to her family's cabin on Lake Cumberland for the weekend...sometime in January when we are not busy doing art shows. We could each bring 7 beads that we made for a bead exchange. Mary would supply the chain and findings for a bracelet. At the end of the weekend we would take home a cool bracelet. YES...we all said!!!

Well that is not all that happened. First we were speechless when we saw the awesome cabin. In the e-mail she didn't mention the non stop laughter, flowing wine, yummy food, and life skills we would learn via new words/phrases. YES....we did all leave with a cool bracelet and much more.

A Charming Weekend/ Hostess Mary Noelker

Here is our lovely Mary sporting one of Kelli Pope's wonderful creations. A great hostess gift from Kelli.

Damn, why didn't I think of giving Mary one of Kelli's necklace and ear ring sets for a hostess gift??!!

A Charming Weekend / Awesome Cabin

A Charming Weekend / Charm Exchange

This is Mary's arm sporting her charm bracelet.

A Charming Weekend / Lake, Trees, Fire

YES...the banks of the Cumberland are filled with fossils.

YES...the cabin is nestled in midst of a defunk christmas tree farm.

YES...Anyone want Smores!!! Did she need to ask?

A Charming Weekend / Finished Charm Bracelet

owl,anodized alumimun,Theresa
seed beads, bead weaving,sterling, gemstone, Leslie
pottery buttons, Marianne
recycled christmas light, Robbie
recycled zipper, Robbie
recycled dice, Robbie
pottery bead, patina,disk, hammered copper, Kelli
vintage key, domed patina penny, bobbin glass, glass bead, Mary
recycled zipper, wire e-bead, Robbie
peace, heart, doublesided, anodized alumimun, Theresa
pottery bead, patina disk, hammered brass, Kelli
heart, brass, distressed, copper wire, Robbie
seed beads, bead weaving, sterling, gemstones, Leslie
vintage brass die, paper inset, resin, Michelle
recycled zipper, wired, bead, Robbie
vintage bone,shoe button, Robbie

A Charming Weekend/ Leslie's Bracelet

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Over Reaction!

School's closed 2 hours early this past Thursday....Yes the Blizzzzzzard was heading for us! It would hit in the late afternoon. Groceries were a buzzin. People stocking up for the big ass snow...THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN! We got a slight dusting that was gone by the morning.

Pic of our mantle with hand crafted metal snowmen.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Goals

Tired of resolutions. I just break them as soon as they are made. My resolve to quit drinking Diet Coke lasted all of 2 days. Then my mantra was "REDUCE". Yes, that's it, I would reduce my size, intake, stuff, clutter, stress... did I say stuff? But then it occurred to me that I like clutter. I really do. I respond better under stress.

Who knows if I can even reduce my intake and size for the long haul. And really I need all this stuff in my life to maintain some level of comfort and creativity.

Yeah, I may reduce and organize my clutter. I might even quit drinking Diet Coke. But really does it matter in the whole scheme of things? My dream/goal for this year is simply acceptance. Oh Yeah and World Peace:)

Love this pic. I stole it off of Facebook and do not know the source. This seems like a job for Gordon the Brit. Gordon??? Happy New Year!

P.S. Gordon the Brit is amazing he found the orgin of the pic. It's called the Human Peace Sign by summer-every-day.

New Year's Eve / Epler-Milburn Estate

Somehow the photographer took lovely pics of their home and then got caught up in the fun and excitement of the evening ...The pics of delish meal and other revelers are not as flattering as one would like thus not shown.

But there is some disturbing news. I was in a room full of men of a certain age....playing the game Gestures or Guesstures, whatever, the game where your team has to guess what you are acting out. The actor is not allowed to speak. When my team kept shouting out "orb" when I was clearly going for the word "circle" I was concerned. So when my next word was YMCA I was sure our team would win the game and all the lovely prizes under the tree. How could we miss, all of my team grew up in the 70's and know the Village People intimately. So I did the dance, not once but twice...maybe even 3 times. In a room full of men not one knew what I was doing!!!! Haven't they been to a wedding reception in the past decade??? Didn't I tell them about Drew Brumm's wedding reception and the dance injury I suffered doing the YMCA??? Didn't they try to put the unflattering pic of me getting my dance on at Drew's wedding as my screen saver? In spite of the loss a really good time was had by all. I stayed in my jammies the fist day of 2012 trying to get over the shock.