Sunday, October 31, 2010


Tinkerbell..... Princess.....Michael Jackson.....Soooo Cute!!

Get Out The Vote

It will all be over soon!! The endless political cards, letters, e-mails. The negative ads. Just two more days!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Susan Abbott / Birth Announcement / B 3

What a surprise!!! Finally open mail to discover this toooooo cute birth announcement for our Bear. I didn't expect an announcement of his birth since he is 3 years old yet newly adopted by us; However, Susan had other ideas. She put Bear in the stoller and LuLu (in a flattering, bejeweled, yellow dress that matches her head band) pushing the buggy.


OK I am not sure T. R. Reed Artiste Deluxe would love it that I have married his mobile and Craig Carry's birds to thrift store wrought iron. But it works for me.

I am always on a never ending quest to have the perfect candle chandlier in our dining room. Since the space is non traditonal the fixture needs to lack tradition as well.

This may just be a temporary resting place for T.R.'s work.

T.R. Reed Artiste Deluxe

Jeanne Holland, T.R.Reed and adorable dog that I forgot name.

Jeannie works in clay and I sell her mini dresser dishes in my store.

First discovered this dynamic couple at Francisco's Farm. Love their work. And keep meaning to purchase more. So I was delighted to see them again, this year at Art in Speed Park. Rick and Kent fell in love with T.R.'s clever ornaments. I fell in love with one of T.R's mobiles. And their cute dog. See Above.

An Evening With David Sedaris

Who knew that David Sedaris is a Rock Star of the the literary! He filled Whitney Hall @ The Kentucky Center For The Arts last night as he delighted his fans by reading from his new book. Kept us laughing for two hours.

Years ago Patti Charron gave me a little ditty by David called "Holidays On Ice" and I have been a loyal fan ever since. I keep his books on my nightstand to read over and over. My tradition is to re-read Holidays On Ice every christmas.

I have a few of David's books on tape that I listen to when driving my Art Truck to Art Shows. All I have to do is think the words "Stadium Pal" and I start laughing. He continues to inspire me with his humor and words. Rock On With Your Bad Self David Sedaris!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Winter 2010

I have a bit of a break before the whirlwind begins again. Seems like it takes me longer to get ready and I need more rest. Is this due to aging??? If so I don't like it a bit!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Drive

Went on a drive yesterday to go for a hike and see the leaves. LuLu couln't resist the water and Bear followed suit. Both loved the muck along the shore. Baths all around when we returned home.

Our New Bear is really cute. He barks more than we want. He still jumps up on people. He may or may not bite. He eats everyone's food. He has alergies. He demands attention and gets it. He is adorable and we love him!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dinner Party for Fred

Kent's friend Fred was in Town this past weekend. I took an immediate shine to Fred. Esp. when I saw these shoes!!!!

Kent and Rick both worked on the delish meal! Which included cheese grits and okra. Good time was had by all.

Lovely Salads in the Fridge

Buddy Epler Milburn

It is soooo hard to be the LOP (life of party). Poor Buddy was worn out from playing host with the most. He charmed everyone!

Rick can Rock a Table

No one and I mean no one sets a table like Rick Milburn. It helps that he personally owns 20 sets of china. Depending on his mood.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sofie's Handcrafted Bed

Deb's cat Sofie rests in a lovely handcrafted vessel on the dining table. Fit is just right!

Witches of Warwick Villa

Purchesed these funny Witches from Dollar Tree or Big Lots years ago. They still make me laugh.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sam in Pumpkin Hat

OK I force my family to pose in these jaunty pumpkin hats!

Sam has become a good sport about it.....Decades of living with me can break anyone!

LuLu has to be forced. We all know she is on the witness protection program and shuns hats and photos.

Bear III knows his namesake Bear II was the cutest model in the land so he has big paws to fill.

Bear, Daddy Dog, & LuLu

B3....Bear in Pumpkin Hat

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Deb & Robbie...Jack the Pumpkin Head

The Ky Guild Show @ Indian Fort Theatre was delightful.

Wonderful Weather! The leaves changed overnight. Sales were brisk. A perfect combo.

Stayed at Deb's Tree House. Great time with friends.

Every Year Sam finesses his scarecrow. He has a Jack Pumpkin Head outfit that he also wears. However, since we no longer have trick or treaters it may not see the light of day or even the dark of night this year.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Shows Continue

Jill Kernodle

Jill and Chad from Kansas City were next to me again. Love them! Jill does wonderful mosaics and has developed quite a following in Louisville. All day long she had repeat customers coming back to get another Jill fix!

After the Show / The Party's Over

The gourd artist down from me put all his stock on the fence behind his booth while taking down his tent.

St James 2010

Kim Johnson stops in to say hi. Love the new necklace and ear rings that she found on 3rd. Street which just happens to rock her outfit.

St. James was so fun this year! Sales were great! The weather was cooler and it rained long enough to get rid of strollers and the guy standing on the corner of 4th and Magnolia shouting that we were all sinners going to hell. The cooler temps will assist me while I am in Hell.

Thanks..........You help me be a full time artisan and I never take that for granted.

Tim from Colorado

Adorable Elaine, director of 4th. Street, awards Cute Tim from Colorado.

It is known that artists next to my booth get awards because I lower the expectations of the jurors and then they are "blown away" by the booth next to me.

Tim is a new artisan who does such cool contempary work on metal. He uses sheets of alumimun that he etches and adds pigments with a high gloss coating.

Soooooo glad that Kentucky was good to him. See you next to me next year Tim!

St. James Art Show / 4th Street's Team

Savvy Susan on your right could not be more adorned and adored if she tried. She has on artwork from several artists each day. She works for clothes @ Hand Jive during the show...Has a house full of artists stay @ her lovely home on 4th St. Hosts parties during the show. Wine and Cheese event Saturday night. The list goes on and on..............Wonder Woman!!