Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's Almost Here!!!!!

Looking soooooo forward to KY Crafted this year. I have several new designs that I am excited about. Also my houseguests arrive on wednesday. Deb Chenalt, Theresa Kibby, Jamison and Bill Brumm. We always have fun together. This year Theresa (T) has a b-day during so I am sure there will be something to celebrate.

Kentucky Crafted / The Market
March 6 & 7, 2010
Louisville, KY Fair and Expo Center

Friday, February 26, 2010

Adorable Betsy George and the cute guy she married

Tonight there was a bridal show at Mellwood. There were some girls in my store discussing how everything is booked 2 years in advance. I started thinking about my own wedding where Sam and I eloped, Sent postcards notifying family and put "Going to the Chapel" on our answering machine. My only regret is that I didn't know how to save all the messages people left on our answering machine. But here's the funny part....we were planning on eloping in June. My drivers license needed to be renewed by the end of May. So while there I asked for a marriage license too. Well the woman behind the counter said..."Honey you can't just come in here and pick up a marriage license have to have person your going to marry with you!!" She acted as if I just wanted the license handy in case... so maybe I could trick some unsuspecting person into marriage. I encouraged the girls in my store to elope and save the $ for a down payment on a home. But cautioned that unless things have changed in 24 better take your fiance with you to pick up the license.

Trolley Hop @ Mellwood

Free passes to go to our Kentucky Craft Market next weekend will be handed out at my store tonight. Come and get em!!! Also, I will be serving my delish wine spritzer. Patticakes is having a Beer and wine tasting. The Pig Show (SWINE) is going on. Steve Cooley and friends will be playing in the Pigment Gallery. Fun Fun Fun!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March Madness

Store Goddess / St. Pat's Day

Can you believe it???? She is still keeping me in this christmas tree dress and tricking it out with shamrocks in honor of St. Patrick. Who I believe did rid all of Ireland of snakes. Speaking of which...look how she snaked my hair into shamrocks.

Who knows what she will do for Easter..... Eggs? Bunny Ears? A Fluffy Tail? Yikes! Don't give her any ideas. Why oh why do I have to be a store goddess for a theme queen?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Deb

Deb is one of my daily e-mail buds. I can't begin a day without her. She makes wonderful sterling jewelry. See earlier posts. Soooo glad she was born. Have a great day Deb!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dee's Crafts / Favorite Hang Out

Dee's is less than a mile from my home and it happens to be the best craft store in Louisville. Whenever I need inspiration, bead fix, new materials, I will head on over to Dee's. Yesterday they were doing a spring segment for TV with Cindy Sullivan. Miss Kentucky was in the house wearing a UK blue gown with banner and crown. Not sure how Miss Kentucky and crafts tie into a news story but anything is possible. Didn't stay long enough to find out.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heeeeeeeee's Baaaaaaaack

I look up as the door to my store opens surprised that there would be a customer and it is none other than Kent. He's home safe and sound!!!! Aparently he slayed them in Philly!!!! His "lucky" shirt really is. And they totally "Got Him"!!!! He sold everything! So happy that he can continue being the artist he was born to be.

Snow on Man Metal Sculpture / Rick and Kent Collection

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Canoe Gallery

Canoe is located in the Butchertown Market.

The shop is filled with delicious fiber. Every where you look your eyes are drawn to the texture and color.

Rugs in every size, shape, and color.

Unique furniture and accessories.

COLOR / TEXTURE/ COLOR....this is where I go to be inspired. Did I mention Color???

Lynn Seiller / Owner of Canoe

I live for moments like this...On saturday I met Rick at the Cafe for brunch. When I walked in I notticed he was talking to a cute couple at the next table. As it turned out....Lynn owns Canoe Gallery which is one of my fave haunts. She recognized the scarf Rick was wearing and told him that it came from her store and she had scoop about the Turksih artist. It is a hand flelted number that Kent purchased for Rick's Christmas gift. He also purchased one for his own self for Rick to give to him for Christmas. Anyway, back to Lynn, she is a delight and Rick and I made it a point to go to her Gallery after our Brunch. I took lots of photos of Canoe and will post on my blog every so often.

Deb's Snowman

Sick of Snow!
But I am getting lots of home studio time. New designs ready for the KY Craft Market which is March 6 & 7. In fact yesterday I developed an entire new line. I was making ear rings to go with some existing pins and that led to pendants and necklaces. Before I knew it.........another line altogether. I love the way that happens in the studio.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Climate Change / Global Warming

Every one is entitled to their own opinion about how to solve climate change. But you are not entitled to your own facts. It is a FACT that the planet is warmer than it has ever been. The Polar Ice cap is melting. This can not be changed to fit any political belief. The warming planet causes erratic climate patterns. More inches of this change are evident this morning on my front lawn. So when I see senators (who should know better) mocking Al Gore, because we have unprecedented snow storms in Washington DC because of Global Warming..... I am sickened that such fools are allowed to spew their false opinions on TV where someone might actually believe what they say and doubt that there is Climate Change. It's real and sooner or later we will have to deal.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day / Crazy Daisy

Not sure who is responsible for the wall displays as you enter Crazy Daisy.....but they keep me coming back. Also, to say Hi to cute Dale.

And...where else can you find a vintage Statue of Liberty nite lite???

Don't tell Sam but I may have found his V-day ditty there as well.

Vintage Garment Headquarters / Crazy Daisy

If your looking for those sassy vintage garments run to Crazy Daisy. Although... you must be a size one or two. This might be the vintage version of plus size...I think it's an 8.

Wonderful hats, scarves, jewelry, handbags...basically accessories. Everything old is new again.

School Girl Chic / Crazy Daisy

Valentine Vinette @ Crazy Daisy

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Backside close up

Saw a ditty on my Facebook this morning comparing our Senator Mitch Mc Connell to a horses ass. I hope he doesn't give horses asses a bad name because I am featuring the Backside this year and don't want ugly references to horses ass senators tainting my work.

Also only 77 days to Derby 136 according to John Asher of Churchill Downs, facebook friend and friend in real life. John grew up in Grayson Co. with my husband Sam. I went to WKU with his wild brother Tim.

Kent finally went to Philly and arrived safe and sound. He couldn't stand letting his over the top western shirt go to waste. Also he had already packed his truck. So what if the city is shut down....THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Perfect Day in Montana in February

Several years ago in a state far far away, Susan Abbott, Rick Milburn, Kent Epler and yours truly hiked... yes hiked up a snow covered mountain in Montana. We had a huge picnic, our bathing suits, and libations. Kent told us about these natural hot springs. I am not sure I believed him or even knew what a hot spring is. I think I was down for the adventure and the delish lunch. The day was sunny and cold. The water hot tub hot and crystal clear. It goes without saying that the lunch was yummy. Lots O' Laughter. Adorable Susan must have taken the pic. Today Kent e-mailed me this photo. He must be thinking back to another snow that did not wreak havoc on his life like this one. I was soooo blissed that day that all I see when I look at this photo is Perfection!!! Not that I am posting a photo of me in a bathing suit. Yikes!!!

Silks / And They're Off

Lucky Chuck

Churchill Downs may have Churchill Charlie as their mascot...At Robbie Moriarty Art I have Lucky Chuck. For some reason this pin sells really well at the airport.

NEW NEW NEW / The Backside

Since I am the self proclaimed Derby Headquarters where Derby jewelry is concerned...I have done horses in ever configuration. This year I'm going to focus on "The Backside". Which can be clever since the backside at the track is where the horse barns, trainers, not to mention horses hang out. I could have called the pin "Horses Ass" but...It's one thing to act like one and quite another to wear one. So The Backside it is.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Store Snow Policy

Since we have had snow out the wazoo this winter I have had to develop a policy/rule. I hate rules. But...the store is closed when the Jefferson County Schools are closed. On a good day this winter we have seen few consumers so I figure on a snow day we just need to use it as an excuse to close.

Kent's New Western Shirt

Here's Kent in the shirt he was going to WOW the folks in Philly. Now he will have to settle to wearing it at the VFW Valentine Dance. Sooooo Sad!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Again the snow!!! We had 4 inches on the ground and now 6 more. And even I am tired of showing off my snowman collections. My buddy Kent was supposed to leave today for the Buyers Market in Philly. But 23 inches of snow and more expected in Philly made him cancel the trip. Sucks!!!! But I really hated the idea of him driving across the country in this bad weather. The Bears have it right.... we should just hibernate all winter and get up in the spring!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Ass Derby Collage Brooches / BADCB

Yes... A batch of Big Ass Derby Collage Brooches. Each year I collect old pegasus pins, derby hat tacks, charms, beads, etc...that go into making these one of a kind Brooches. Each BADCB comes with a photo that identifies the materials. I only make them once a year...then you have to wait till next year after I have collected more stuff. They will be on display at Kentucky Crafted, The Market. Louisville Fair and Expo Center. March 6 & 7.

Sweet Sue's Man Winning Fragrance

Thanks to Sam I am now the proud owner of Happy by Clinique. Sam had some Kohl's bucks burning a hole in his pocket. He remembered the fragrance and purchased me a bottle. Now I am Happy!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Love Bugs / Cathy Brown

We make bugs out of old christmas lights. Cathy Brown came up with the idea of making Love Bugs. Sooooooo Cute!!! Get your Valentine one today. Only 10- each

Blue Heart Bud Vase

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ella @ Actors Theatre

Disclaimer....I have always been a fan of Ella Fitzgerald. In fact Sam took me to see her live at the Louisville Palace back in our courting days over 25years ago. She was totally charming, relaxed, and looked like a grandma on stage in her lavender frock and cat eye glasses. But then she belted out those songs!!!

Ella @ Actors is running till Feb. 20. See her if you can. Wonderful performance by Tina Fabrique who has spent the past 5 years performing Ella. If you didn't know better you would think they cloned the original.

The Boys / Rick and Kent

This Year Rick and Kent decided we needed to get season tickets to Actors Theatre. Sam would rather jump in front of a train than go to the theatre. So it is a good fit to go with my boys. So far we have not loved every performance but I do love getting together downtown, dining out, sharing laughs. Last night we saw Ella....It was worth getting season tickets just for this performance alone!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Road Side Chicken

Seems like I have this chicken/rooster/bird theme going. Here is another photo from my featherd collection. Outside of Tucson. Sam saw it first. I must have been reading a map because I can't believe I missed it and made us turn around. Gotta love Roadside America!!!

Roosters / Artist Kent Epler

Kent is getting ready for his Buyers Market Show in Philly the end of this month. Check out his blog for more details. Enjoy!

Road Side America

Several years ago Sam and I went to Tucson. We love driving on the old highways. This is where we discover the best of Roadside America. Sam in the door of the Longhorn. Not good food but great atmosphere.

Another successfully scanned photo. Love knowing another computer skill. Not sure how I thought scanning would work. Magic I guess. Now I realize how embarassing it was to tell people I don't know how to scan. I guess I never asked anyone to show me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Computer Day

Today Kent (my new computer savant) showed me how to scan. I happened to have an old Halloween photo of Kent (Rodeo Clown) and Me (Genie from Alladin) that we successuflly scaned to my blog. We also tried to link his blog to mine but not sure if it was successful.

Thomas Porter / Potter

Chick Magnet / Potter/ Conserative?????
I have a month before the Kentucky Craft Market. Then I will get to see all my artist buds. One of the faves is Thomas Porter. He always makes me laugh as evidence of his T-shirt. Ususally he wins an award when he is set up next to me. I figure the judges see my booth and their expetations are reduced so therefore his booth blows them away. Twice this has happened and I don't think it is fluke.