Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Mickey Brown pimps out for the Holidays. Mickey has always been a fashion plate. Note how he mixes the stripes and pattern of the scarf and hat. It takes a real fashion expert to make this work. The red collar pulls the entire look together. Congrats Mickey!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sock Monkeys

Early craft project, sock monkeys. One of my many collections.

While we were sleeping, our First Bear Dog would take the monkeys out to play. I would wake up and find monkeys everywhere. Started calling this a Monkey Massacre. He never harmed the monkeys. Just scattered them all over the house.

Recently, I purchased a sock monkey wine sack/sock at Scout Gallery on Market. It turned out to be a sock with two black buttons. Put in a bottle of wine and Wa La, wine sack/sock.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goss Avenue Antique Mall / Favorite Place

This enamel sign was on a business @ Preston Street and the Waterson X-way. It always made me smile.

The business closed a year or so ago and before it closed I went in and asked to purchase the sign. They didn't have it any more.

Found it at Goss Avenue today! Now it is home where it belongs.

Too bad I didn't have it earlier this week so I could have pretended it was a gift for Sam's Birthday:)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Robbie and Boris oopps I mean Sam

Dance Like Nobodys Watching

Trinket Box Collection / Robbie Moriarty

Trinket Boxes are easy to collect. They can be very inexpensive or not. You can find them anywhere. I quit collecting them when I started collecting EVERYTHING ELSE!

Mosaic Madness /Jill Kernodle

Bear in his Lambswool Lined Bed

Bear usually is working on 4-5 rawhide chew toys. Well since Aunt Tracy gave Bear and LuLu a small animal's leg bones for Christmas I decided to put away some of Bear's other toys as it was becomming difficult to navigate a clear path. I put the toys in a plastic tray that I hide under this oak file cabinet and then Bear's bed is placed in front. The tray also holds dog brushes etc... Bear didn't see me hide his bones.

So yesterday when I see him shove his bed over, stick a paw on the tray and drag it out from under the oak cabinet to retrieve one of his old rawhide chew toys I was amazed at his skill and keen sense of smell. If only I could train him to put everything away when he is done, Not to bark at the Mail Man and or UPS guy, Not to try to "herd" our friends, Not to eat everyone's food, Not to steal my pillow or covers, Not to.................................He would be the perfect dog.

LuLu and Bear

Reluctantly, LuLu is photographed on our Big Ass King Size Bed (BAKSB) with Bear savoring the Big Ass Bones (BAB) Aunt Tracy got them for christmas. Thank You Aunt Tracy!

Shelves Above My PC

Monday, December 27, 2010

Book Shelves in Dining/Library

Vintage Carnival Spinning Wheel

Favorite Black Coat / Found It!!

My favorite black coat has been MIA for a few weeks. It suddenly dissapeared after I told the black coat story at Thanksgiving.

Here's the story. Once upon a time Sam and I hit Unique Thrift on a 50% off holiday sale. I remembered that I was wearing my current fave black coat into the store and said outloud that I hope it doesn't get lost. Years earlier I had another Favorite Black Coat that went AWOL. Possibly stolen. Also my sister has had favorite coats missing or stolen. So it might not only be a pattern in my life but also genitic.

20 minutes later....OMG, I was tring on clothes and my FBC (favorite black coat)was missing. Some savvy 50% off shopper probably scooped it up and was now trying to purchase said coat. So I began to shout and search the other shoppers carts for my coat telling them that it is mine they couldn't purchase because it has no price tag. Frantically, I asked all the employees if they had a coat turned in. I was trying to communicate with the spanish(only)speaking manager to announce the missing coat over the PA system when Sam wittnessed the drama and asked me what happened and I confessed that my FBC was missing so he joined in the search shouting and asking other bargain shoppers to assist.

Several people exclaimed that they had fear that this would happen to them. So they held on tight to their FBC's.

Finally, I was about to give up when I looked down and was going to search the floor(again) when I discovered my FBC hanging off the long strap of purse that was being worn by me. It must have been there the whole time.

Well I made one small announcement that I found my FBC and the search was off. Sam however, wanted to know where I found the FBC and I said I would tell him later as I could barely speak due to convulsive laughter. He must have thought I was crying because he really wanted to know details.

To this day I can barely complete the story without breaking up. Sooooooo the coat was now missing again, possibly stolen. I had searched all possible locales in my home,studio, and store. My conclusion was that one of my Thanksgiving guests was playing a very unfunny practical joke with my FBC.

When all possible gift giving holiday events were over still no FBC. I was sick!!! Then a miracle happened yesterday we took our dogs for a woods filled with snow walk and what was rolled up in the back seat of the truck but my FBC!

Yes this story can now replace the Night Before Christmas. Happy New Year Everyone!

Farorite Purses

First the mirror is made from old license plates. A guy was a patron at the St. James Art Fair and had this mirror attached to his body for sale. I ran after him hoping that the mirror was what he was trying to sell.

Then there is my purse collection. Anyone who knows me knows I carry a grey, plastic, woven tote, for an everyday purse. Often this will have another smaller purse with a long stap inside that carries money, cc, etc. I try others but the tote works so the tote it is. But I do love a fun purse for my wall collection.

Favorite African Jackets

Ok it started with one Jacket that I purchased at the San Diego Zoo a decade ago. I wore it sooooo often that my friends and family were going to do an "intervention" and sign me up for a 12 step program to quit. Well last year @ The St. James Art Fair Nnamdi Ibeaagu who carried Old Style African Batik clothing had my favorite jackets in 3 new colors and this year I purchased 2 more. Now I have one for every day of the week. I am happy!

Favorite Places

I have always said you can walk in Edenside Gallery blindfolded and choose something you can't live another day without.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Robbie and Sam Christmas Day 2010

Yes, I am doing the "turtle" trying to minimize the double chin.

Kent and Rick Christmas 2010

Every time we are over at Kent and Rick's lovely Silver Hill's home, I spot Sam sitting in their awesome knotty pine panneled den, in front of the roaring fire, wishing we lived here!

Christmas Day 2010

Found a tall skinny pre wired tree @ the end of the season last year. On SALE. Folds up small and stores easily. Not necessary to move stuff to put up a tree. Perfect.

More Snowmen in My Collection

Found adorable knit mittens @ World Market for one of my snowmen trees.

White Trash Snowman / Molly Tanner

This year I discovered Molly at the ODC Winterfair in Col. OH. I wanted all of her White Trash Snowmen but settled for three.

You can find Molly @ www.Spring

Chelesa, Sean, and Ryan

No photo of Lonnie or me. We must have been too busy being the LOP"S (life of party).

Shirley, Sam, Tammy. Tracy, and Michael

The Holiday Table

Rick Beware, Shirley sets a pretty good table too. She owns only 10 sets of china...yet we use extra thick holiday paper plates, cloth napkins, along with sterling flatware and serving dishes. glasses are large enough to hold half a bottle each. That way I only had two glasses of wine.

Michael. Tracy. and Me / 1960

Went to parents for Christmas Eve. This photo makes me laugh. Esp. seeing us all as adults last night.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Only One More Shoppping Day

All Bear needs is a red nose and he can guide Santa's sleigh tonight. LuLu refused to don antlers.

My store is open. Cathy will be there @ 11:00 but I told her to leave early if nothing is going on.

My heart is filled with gratitude. Thanks to everyone. I am so lucky to be a full time artist/craftsperson. I never ever take this for granted.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from me and mine!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa Baby / Kent Epler

Only two more shopping days............ Santa Baby can be found @ Gallery JanJoBe@ The Mellwood Arts Center. The courtyard stores are open and filled with unique gifts. Tis the Season!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mellwood Cafe

We have a new Cafe at Mellwood. Try the Grilled Cheese on Pretzel Bread. Delish!

Visit the Courtyard Stores @ Mellwood

5 more days ...The Countdown Begins......

I will be playing store today! We still have lots of unique gifts for holiday gift giving. I will be doing all my shopping @ Mellwood Arts Center!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Big Day @ The Mellwood Arts Center...See You There!

My store will be open 11am till 6pm today. 1-6 on Sunday.

It is soooo much fun to have a store at christmas. Shop the Mell and avoid the Mall is the attitude at Mellwood. The other courtyard stores...Ceila's, JanJoBe, Gallery M, have extended hours too.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Store Will Be Open Today Hell or High Water

We are usually closed when the JCPS are closed but we have all those unique gifts for holiday shoppers and need to open the store so they can shop!!!

The ice is not assisting retailers this year. But then again it is nice to have a snow/ice day to stay home and chill.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Woke Up To Snow

My Store is closed due to snow when the Jefferson County Schools are closed due to snow.

So far it has been snowing all day and has gotten really cold. Great day to stay indoors and decorate for the holidays. Sam has a vat of soup on the stove. Holiday music is on.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Queenie Milburn-Epler

Queenie passed from this world to the next last week. Queenie lived a grand life with Rick and Kent for the past 16 years. She traveled with them from Louisville to Montana. Then made the treck back with them to settle in Lovely Silver Hills.

Queenie loved to watch animals on TV. She barked and would become part of the show. 101 Dalmations, or really anything with animals, cartoon or not, Queenie loved. Rick and Kent could never watch anything on Animal Planet in peace.

She would let everyone know when it was time to go to bed by dragging her custom Q bed into the room. Recently Buddy (beagle mix) was brought into the family. Buddy would use Queenie's backside as a pillow. Q-girl you will be missed!

Sherry Spurr and Susan Abbott

Several weeks ago Susan had a dinner party in the middle of the week. It was soooooo much fun. I am sick that I didn't take a photo of all the girls. Sherry arrived shortly after I did then the fun began and I forgot to photograph. Also, Susan's home is soooo cute I wanted to get pics of her collections. A great time was had by all! Susan is loved by everyone....I feel so lucky to be one of her friends.

Handwoven Stool / Rick Milburn

For Susan's 50th B-day Rick and Kent gave her this custom stool. Made from found belts Rick managed to incorporate all Susan's favorite colors.