Monday, August 31, 2009

After- Art in Speed Park

Oh what a lovely weekend! A good time was had by all vendors and patrons.

Kim Johnson is a "Rainmaker" and manages to make this little show in Speed Park a total "Rocker"! Hard work and good partners are part of the secret. Did I see her husband scale a wall to put a sign on the interstate? Her daughter, Farah, wrote an article about the show for Leo. I'm sure there are countless others that work behind the scenes. Thanks for all you do for Art and Craft!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jenny Elkins Art

In my collections I have several of Jenny's 3D witches. Love this one! I justify the purchase of witches because of my love for anything OZ and Sam's Halloween Collection features some of them. Love the jaunty angle she wears her hat and her tape measure legs.

The background painting was splatter on the floor of Pam Phister and Paul McGee's studio. I loved it so they gave it to me as a gift.

The skinny painting is by Enrique.

Jenny will be in Louisville for the Mellwood September Art Festival which is just a few weeks away.

Witch is Witch, also by Jenny Elkins.
Her work is always evolving. I never know what she will be doing next but I know I will love it.

Miss Liberty Collection / Guest Bedroom

I have always loved Miss Liberty. Love how she looks and her message.

Accidently I amassed a collection of hand crafted Liberties along with the stuff sold for tourists. I have a shelf that runs along the top of one wall filled with my Ladies.

The large head is an Ice Bucket. Who knew our Lady Liberty had her own?

I found the headband and Torch at a Caulfield's Costume Shop.

The liberty to the right is a wind mill. Her torch rotates.

Robert 7, an art car artist did the large Lady Liberty in brown. I am not sure she is supposed to be Miss Liberty but she is to me.

Childrens Art from the Louisville Visual Art Association. I love how kids vew the world.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mellwood Arts Center/Courtyard

Trolley Hop August 28th. Perfect time to Visit Mellwood. Shop/Dine/Drink

My Justine Dennis Collection

Justine Dennis has developed a way to make anything from recycled fiber. Not sure how she works her magic.
I did peek behind her booth at the KY Craft Market to discover Gordon (life partner) spinning or crocheting or some beginning step to the process.
In the beginning she just made vessels. Now she has branched off into makeing hats and purses.
This photo has one of her hats (so cute), two bowls, and a small purse.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway Slumber Party @ Kent and Rick's

Kent and Rick purchased this 1950's Better Homes and Garden home in May. In a matter of months they have transformed it into a showplace filled to the brim with their art and wonderful art collections.

This is a photo of the exterior. I am quite sure it is the "before" photo since I know it will be another color next year, if not sooner. These boys are fearless and change the color of their home like most folks change their clothes.

The following photos are a small sample. As our Project Runway Thursdays (as they are now known) continue new posts will reveal their talent in all areas including culinary. Did I mention the meal served was FAB!!!! You can also guarentee a high thread count on your bedding. I slept in the newly painted guest room.

The new season of Project Runway was worth the wait! Tim Gunn made it work and Heidi could not have been more adorable. The first hour was previous contestants. It was interesting to see how their talent has evolved or not.

Project Runway is loved by a lot of folks. But as artists I think we "get" the creative process. The same process is used in my work "jewelry", Kent's work "sculpture" and Rick's work "weaving". To find our raw materials, to develop a design, to complete the vision.

Master Bedroom / the entire slumber party could sleep here

* note the bench at the foot of the bed is one of Rick's creations.

Niche in Newly Tiled Kitchen / Pottery Fruit by Sarah Fredrick

Kent is a master space planner and was a high end kitchen designer before he became a professional artisan. The kitchen needs a week all it's own. This niche is just a tease of things to come.

Family Room / I could live in this room alone

This room is original to the Better Homes and Garden house plan. As if you are living in your rustic vacation home. There are windows which line the back wall. A lovely hand crafted fireplace. The room is filled with Arts and Crafts elements. Pine panneling and beams make the room comfy art filled space.

Dining Room / Fearless with Color

Trio of Kent's Sculptures on Rick's Woven Leather Table

Raw Materials for Rick's Recycled Belted Items

Raw Materials for Kent's Sculputures

Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Art Car News / Bonnie Blue's Women Who Rock

Several years ago Bonnie Blue (real name) brought her Women Who Rock van to the KY Art Car Weekend at the KY Museum of Art and Craft along with her husband who drives the large rat (see earlier post about Harlan and his unfortunate accident). We clicked and discovered we had lots in common. Including the fact that we both had a business repairing porcelain and pottery.

Bonnie came back to KY's Art Car Weekend, this time as one of our keynote speakers. Bonnie stayed an extra day so we could hang out. I took her to my home, store, studio, and favorite thrift stores. Then forced her to try artichoke fritters at the Bristol Bar and Grille. The visit was short and fun. I hope she will be back next year for our Annual Art Car Weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Art in Speed Park

Adorable Bear

As far as I'm concerned Bear never takes a bad picture. He is a dog that should be cloned. Such a sweet boy.


Bear got a much needed bath this past weekend. So did LuLu but she will not pose for me to take a photo of her and Bear will.

mo-jo bags by Jude Stuecker

Jude has a mojo bag that fits you. Every theme you can imagine.

Sold in my store for 16- each 2 for 22-

good for camera, phone, keys, love notes, etc...

Toni Macri-Reiner / Wall vases

Toni-Ware's wonderful, whimsical wall vases. Sold in my store @ the Mellwood Art Center.
They hold anything. Right now I have green wire wisks sprouting out of her head.
Toni does the Cherokee Triangle Art Show in late April. She has fountains that the water spouts out of her girls mouth. Funny!

Project Runway @ Rick and Kents

Since I don't have a current photo of Kent and Rick is my favorite photo of their adorable dogs Queenie and Norma waiting for the boys to arrive.
Kent and Rick will be hosting a Project Runway slumber party @ their lovely Silver Hills home. I think it starts this thursday. I can't wait!!!
Photos of their charming 1950's Better Homes and Garden cottage will be added later. Also both are artists and have a line they sell wholesale and retail. I will make sure I include photos of their work too.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Elkins Girls Road Trip / Newport Aquarium

While others enjoyed the sharks....I'm a Jelly Fish lover.

Elkins Girls Road Trip /Jungle Jim's International Market

Gotta love a grocery that has it's own tribute to the KING!

Elkins Girls Road Trip / first stop / IKEA

Managed to spend the afternoon @ IKEA and did not need a truck or bank loan to haul my stuff home.

Jenny Elkin's Art

Part of Jenny's series for her friend Brian's new, hip, hair salon

Elkins Girls Road Trip

KT, Jenny, and Sweet Sue took part in the E.G.R.T. First stop IKEA.....Jungle Jim's International Market.

Then onto the Newport Aquarium. Then chick flick Julia and Julie or is it Julie and Julia. Great time had by all!

Harlan/ Killer Rat Attack

Unfortunate much as Harlan loves all creatures big and small he was mauled by the Rat at the KY Museum of Art and Craft/ Art Car Weekend August 7,2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sean Moriarty/ Next WKU Generation

Proud parents along with brother Ryan.

Sean, my brother Michael's oldest son graduated from Eastern High School this year. He will attend WKU this fall along with his adorable girlfriend Chelsey Goodman.

Both seen here holding "Red Towel's" they have all they need for success.

WKU Girls

We all met the first day of our freshman year in the dorm in 1975. Here we are in 2009.
Brenda Peters, Marianne Crissy, Judy Hartnett, May May Bresler, Robbie Moriarty. We were adorable and thin but we didn't know it then. Now we all know the secret......... Goddesses only get better with age!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home Improvement Art Projects

This year we enlarged our front porch. Before it was a stoop. Now a porch in progress. Then I figure everyone can have a solid color on their door but not me. One paint job leads to another and another. So I took the month of July to complete a few projects. Our kitchen was renovated a few years ago and I didn't finish painting. But a new window treatment made from wooden spoons got me motivated to complete the project. My office that is off the kitchen needed trim work but I was more interested in makeing a funky window treatment out of old paint brushes. Now I never have to feel guilty about cleaning brushes since I have another use. Then the guest bedroom needed new paint which made me re-think all the stuff I have in that room it is a wonder my guests could slumber. New window treatment too.

Close Up/Office Window Treatment

Office Window Treatment

New Front Porch / New Door Colors

Paint Brush Window Treatment/ Guest Bedroom

Kitchen Window Treatment

Mail Box by Cappi Phillips

Art Quilt

Years ago I took an Narative Art Quilt Workshop at Centre Collage. Rebekka Sigel and Jane Burch Cochren taught the weekend event. The quilt I started was then put away and recently discovered. Since I am in a "use or lose" phase of my life I decided it was time to complete the quilt. So here it is. Not sure what my "Narative" is......................