Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hats and Horses / Gallery JanJoBe

Sophie and Brooke / Wildcat Fans

Rumor has it that Josh wears jean shorts during practice. So the other players call him Jorts. So here are my nieces wearing their Jorts and Wildcat shirts in support of the team!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pat Smith, Collector / Linda Dresher, Jeweler

Pat is at every show. I can be at a show in Michigan and look up to see Pat's smiling face. I always make her show me her purchases since I know she has found the best stuff at the show.

Linda makes wonderful jewelry. So it wasn't long before Pat discovered her. And Linda said hey wait a minute, didn't you go to UK? I think we were room mates when we were Freshman. I love this story!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hand Made Glass Beads / Fran Ferrell

Fran's booth was behind mine at the Louisville Artisan's Guild Show this past weekend. I have noticed this "jaw dropping booth" in passing on the way to my booth during a show. But when you watch her set it up you realize the complete MAGIC of this booth. Fran calls it her "Garden of Glass" Each flower holds one of her hand made creations.

Fran is pictured here with her good friend and booth designer Caron Maas of Caron Maas Designs. And as a side note I went to high school with and have known Caron for decades. I knew she was talented. The awesome booth is so fitting with the level of craftsmanship of Fran's beads and the jewelry she makes with them.

When I was teasing Fran and husband Jim about how "over the top and magical" the booth is. Jim said "wait till you see the water feature". I sorta thought he was kidding but I wasn't sure!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Louisville Artisan's Guild Spring Showcase Sunday

Cathy Wade has a booth at the Louisville Artisan Guild's Spring Showcase. She recycles cashmere and cashmere only. Don't even try to pass off some lambswool or a blend! Only cashmere will do!

The skirt she is wearing began it's life as a sweater dress. The waist band has all the labels. The rest of the skirt is schreded bits of cashmere. Cathy looks soooo cute in this skirt that I am not surprised that people stop her whenever she wears it. She says it's her "go to" garment when she wants to have FUN!

Sunday March 27th. We are open 10-4. See you there!

The Backside / Robbie Moriarty

Louisville Artisan's Guild Spring Showcase begins today at Highland Hall, The American Legion, Bardstown Road, 10-4 Today and tomorrow. See you there!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Daisy Thoroughbread / Kent Epler

Daisy, DTB,(as she is known to her friends) is one busy Filly these days. She is booked solid with social engagements till after the first Saturday in May.

Currently she will be opening Gallery JanJoBe's Hats and Horses show.

JanJoBe is located in the Mellwood Arts Center. The FAT Friday Trolley Hop is Tonight so JanJoBe will be open late. Gallop in to see the show.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Louisville Artisan's Guild Spring Showcase

OK it may be crazy to do two shows in a row this spring. But I love the Louisville Artisan's Guild folks and want to support everything they do.

Highland Hall is located across from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on Bardstown Road. Guess where I will be having breakfast:)

Road Side Chairs / Boris Bally

Recycling at it's best!

Elizabeth Taylor

So sad to hear that Elizabeth Taylor, film Icon died last night at age 79.

Elizabeth will be known more for her Aids Research work... making Aids a chronic illness rather than death sentence. You used your life for good and made a difference in the world. Rest in Peace Elizabeth!

UPS Driver Bob's Wife

I have been lucky with UPS drivers. They bring all my supplies back to my studio behind my home. In spite of the fact that LuLu and Bear (UPS Alert Team) take their job way to seriously and act like attack dogs. They hear that brown truck way before the driver parks in front of our house.

So last week I gave Bob passes to the Kentucky Craft Market and a butterfly pin for his wife as a Thank You. The next day he delivers another package and shows me a photo of his wife wearing my Transformation Goddess pin she purchased from me during another Art Fair.

Now I can thank him alot since his wife already likes my work!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Theresa Jean Kibby / Face Book Business Page

Wow, her page is every bit as cute as her hand dyed anodized alumimun jewelry!!! You just can't stop at one and may need a butterfly in every color. Would look great clustered on a lapel of a spring jacket or even a Derby Hat. Go T Go!!

Pink Is The New Black / Robbie Moriarty

Nancy Puffer / Flower Necklace

Nancy is the ultimate recycler...I was drinking tea in a cool can and she jumped for joy when I gave it to her. OK maybe it wasn't quite a jump but she was happy.

She uses alumimun cans for the flowers and her hand made glass beads are the center of each bloom. And she just so happens to have the perfect garment to match.

Cute Wife and UPS Driver

As luck would have it I have really good UPS drivers and they always bring my packages back to my studio in spite of Bear and LuLu (UPS alert team) barking like crazy. The hear that brown truck before it arrives. So as a thank you I give the drivers passes to our Craft Market and Jewel

Deb and Robbie / Twelfth House Designs

I had remarkable restraint at The Kentucky Craft Market. The only purchase I couldn't resist was this copper bracelet and ear rings from Deb and Robbie. Red Heads should always wear copper. Rick must have loved the copper line because he came to my booth sporting the same bracelet...cept larger. So I guess it was not exactly the same. I think the copper bracelet will also cure aches and pains in my hands. Some folks swear by copper. So really it was not a impulse purchase but a carefully though out medical one.

Nancy and Paula / Glass Jewelry Artists

The show gets just a little bit cuter when I see Nancy and Paula. They make wonderful glass beads and turn them into the coolest jewelry.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy B-day Mom

Happy B-day! Mom keeps getting younger.............Have a happy day. We will celebrate when you return from Florida.

Nashville Horses

Recently Rick went to Nashville for a conference. He sent a pic of the street art. This made me laugh. The first day of spring has sprung. Derby is right around the corner.

Kentucky Crafted / Pat Brinson

Pat who is the Art Goddess of the Crescent Hill 4th of July Art and Music Festival, looks like a movie star these days. She has lost all sorts of weight. She told me due to diet and exersize...Damnit! I was hoping she had another form of cure. It is aways a joy to see Pat. Now we see less of her.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!

Today is the day we set up for the Big Ass Kentucky Craft Market. My Goddess Girls..Deb, Jamie, and Theresa will all be there. It makes the show a lot more fun having my peeps in town.

The show begins tomorrow and I will be wearing the green!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Claddagh Door Knocker / Marianne Reeves

The Claddagh is an Irish symbol. The hands are friendship, the heart is love, and the crown is fidelity or loyality.

My Irish boyfriend, Gerry Centrowitz, once gave me a claddagh ring that I have to this day. May dust it off and wear it on St. Pat's day. A ring is bound to still fit.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kentucky Wildcats

I have a confession....The oldies station I listen to in my studio also calls the Kentucky Basketball games. Since I'm in production mode I have been working in my studio a lot and have been too busy to change the station.....So I have listened to the pre,during, and post game shows of KY Basketball. They won a championship in Atlanta this past weekend and I heard every minute of every game. I have to admit it was exciting. When I saw my neighbor getting out of his car in a KY t-shirt, I said "How About That Game???" He was just returning from Atlanta and was on a high. Yikes.......Am I a fan too????

Since I am the Theme Queen I have always made Wildcat Jewelry. Along with that team in Louisville. But I have never followed the teams or the games. I hope I can be cured. When I told Jenny Elkins about my fandom she called this morning hoping she would not have to plan an intervention.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Irish Cowboy / Kent Epler

Each year I put a Irish hat on Kent Epler's cowboy sculpture. It's the fine art of decorating my art for the holidays!

Next....I will be looking for the perfect Easter Bonnet then Derby hat............Tis the season!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Door Decor @ My House

No such thing as clashing greens when it comes to St. Patrick. Any green counts!

Still working on production for the big ass Kentucky Craft Market next week. This is the last weekend before the show. So I better start winding things up.

Meanwhile....Spring is right around the corner. There will be a few changes this year in my sping line up. I'll list my Spring and Summer shows next week.

Door Decor @ Marianne Reeves Home

Note the claddagh door knocker!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank God It's Friday

One summer I worked at OpryLand in Nashville, TN. On Thursday nights we would go to the TGIF. Around midnight there was a countdown with hats and party favors...when it turned into Friday. I loved this....Better than New Year's Eve. I moved back to Louisville and was so excited that a TGIF was opening in Plainview. They never did the Thurday night celebration...But was still a fave hang out.

Last week it was reported that the TGIF in Plainview is closing. I always loved going there. The decor was all sorts of funky old, odd, collections. A full size canoe was mounted on the wall. Many celebrations were had at TGIF. Tho I haven't been there in years I was glad to know it was there. I hate change!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kentucky Crafted / The Market

The Madness in March

My houseguests arrive on St. Patrick's day. We all set up our booths for Kentucky Crafted, The Market. I hope they will be wearin the green. We all will be expecting the green:)

I have been in production mode for the past two months. My hands tingle. Excited about all the new designs I have for this market. Also some new takes on the old.

Churchill Downs donates part of the gate to the Susan G.Koman Foundation during the Kentucky Oaks. So "Think Pink" is my mantra this racing season. Also, pink works for Easter and Spring in general. You just can't go wrong with PINK!

Luck of the Irish

Sunday, March 6, 2011


St. Patrick rid Ireland of snakes...So we wear green and drink a lot on March 17. Gotta love being Irish!

Marianne, Judy, Pam, Robbie

Ok this is not the best records the day. I put it in just so we can all get together soon and take a better picture:)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Prayer Bracelets / Marianne Reeves

Marianne was wearing a trio of sterling silver prayer bracelets. She had a her bases covered.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friends And Fiber / La Grange, KY

In front of this cool knit shop a tree was covered with scarves and mini lights. Great visual advertizing! Also, the tree looked warm.

La Grange KY is just 20 minutes away from Louisville. The historic Main Street is vibrant with all sorts of specialty shops and great places to eat.

The town hosts a wonderful art show called Arts on the Green the first weekend in June.

La Grange has it going on!

The Book Barn / La Grange, KY

Met the WKU girls for lunch in lovely La Grange,KY. We dined at the Red Pepper. Yummy! Then had time to hit some of the adorable stores located on Main Street. Loved the Book Barn. Managed to get a pretty good Book Fix!