Saturday, October 29, 2011

Louisville Artisan's Guild

Arthead Studio / Deb Kracht

While in Deb Kracht's booth at the St.James Art Show I heard a mother tell her 10 year old that he too could make Deb's work.

Well.....I'm all for encouraging the youth of tomorrow....All I could say to the mother is "Artists just love to hear folks say that while standing in their booth" The mother could remain ignorant and think that I meant it or could think I was being sarcastic which I was. Sorry I was so was day 2 of the show and I was tired from tending to my own booth.

It would have to be gifted 10 year old who would have the vision to create dogs out of found objects. Deb has soldered the legs, rivited the eyes. Not to mention having the idea in the first place.

She attends countless flea markets and yard sales to aquire all the tin objects that she then cuts with saws, tin snips. I just don't think this is a project for a 10 year old. I don't have the skills to make Deb's work and I have tools and know how to cut metal, solder, and collect everything.

"The less someone knows the more they think they can make the art in front of them"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hillcrest Avenue / Louisville, KY /Dante's Disco Inferno

This house is a celebration of the death of Disco. Looks like there is a dance floor in the front yard. I suspect there are some Goohl's who shake shake shake their booties on Halloween.

Sam Burn Baby Burn!

The Eyes Have It / Hillcrest Avenue

Not sure where this homeowner purchased these cool window treatments. Way more interesting in person than these dark pictures convey.

Croquet Balls / Toby

Love them!!! Purchased at an Antique Mall. Folk Artist is Toby. I have them on display all year but make it a point to blog about them around Halloween.

Mom's Taxi Service / R Mueller

Purchased this wonderful wood sculpture from Artist Robbie Mueller. This was in honor of Bear the opossum eradicator. Who knew that our backyard was a playground for possums????

So far Bear has sent 7 to another world. It would be sad if they weren't such creepy, icky, creatures however cute art sculpted out of found objects of them can be. Note the rebar tail.

Getting Ready For The Big Day

Found a bunch of small witches hats at the GoodWill this summer. Thought they would be perfect table decor. Also, put on lampshades. Very easy. Very Cute!

Sam's Halloween Collection in the background. I made him collect something so he would want to stop at every yard sale and thrift store we encountered. It worked!

Hillcrest Avenue / Louisville, KY

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Metalic Broze becomes Metalic Eggplant

Loved these metalic bronze shoes when I found them at the Zappos outlet last year. After wearing a lot I discovered there is no way to polish the metalic finish. It was looking worn. The best way to fix is to spray paint the shoes so I just went ahead and gave them another color. A girl can't have enough metalic eggplant colored shoes.

Felted Wool Hat / Mary Kinney

Mary Kinny used to have a flock of sheep. She felted their wool and made cool hats. She ultimately discovered that it was way too much work to felt the wool and feed the flock. Now....she is a painter.

Gave my old Mary Kinny hat a new look with felted flowers I purchased from Dee's Crafts. Put pin backs on the flowers so I can remove when I want the black hat back. And can use the felted flowers on other things.

Painted Shoes / Robbie Moriarty

Been jonesin for a pair of "pewter" and "dark coppery bronze" shoes. They had to be good shoes not just cute. By this I mean great insoles. I no longer look at pretty shoe section but the other side of the store where the comfortable shoes exist. Well having no luck I decided to fall back on what I usually do which is spray paint existing shoes I love but no longer wear due to scuffs etc....

Sorry I didn't take a before pic. Trust me that the shoes on left were black with a grey swirl and on right were kiwi green. Begin by cleaning the shoes with hand santizer using an old t-shirt. Has alcohol in it and removes dirt and I assume santizes. Let the shoes dry overnight. Then use duct tape to tape off the sole. I used painters tape to cover the inside of the shoe.

You are ready to spray shoes. Follow directions on the can. I sprayed two coats. Let the shoes dry 30 minutes between. Removed all the tape the next day. life for old shoes!

The above part goes quick but I went to 3 locations to find the right color spray paint. First Lowes metalic colors too bright. Then Pep Boys for auto body touch up paint and found the "Pewter" color. Then to a hobby store that carries tester spray paints and found "Metalic Root Beer".

Also sprayed some small purses to match. I love being matchy matchy! And recycling things I love so I can continue to use.

LuLu Other Half of UPS and Mail Alert Team

As you know LuLu doesn't like to be photographed. We suspect she is on the witness protection program and fears that her previous bad owners will find her. Even tho she has been with us for the past 8 years. Some more of Sam's never ending brick project.

Bear / Half of UPS and Mail Alert Team

Bear rests inbetween sightings of UPS Trucks and Mail Men. In the background you can see Sam's brick stone project. Sam is making our yard into a patio.

Bear's New Red Collar

Bear found a sunny spot in our yard/patio so I decided to snap a pic of him in his new red collar. Well as you can see you'll just have to take my word.

Halloween / Hillcrest Avenue

The coolest place to live in Louisville the month of October is Hillcrest Avenue. For Years the homes on Hillcrest have been haunted by the spirit of Halloween. Not sure who decided to go over the top with Halloween decor and pimp out their yard but now it is a tradition and the more outlandish the better. The sidewalks were filled with spectators last night. The grim reaper was walking along with everyone else. It's not even Halloween! Who knows what spooky things happen then!!!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kelsey Charron / Robbie Moriarty @ St.James Art Show

Kelsey is one of our brave soldiers. Thanks for your service girl!!

On a side note...I am trying to work a bit more drama into my clothing choices but really think I went overboard with this combo. We were summoned to wear "pink" to raise breast cancer awareness. Not much pink in my wardrobe...Then cooler temps demanded a sweater...and fleece vest.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ecochicc Kimono / Walleska Teppings

Sisters hanging together at St. James Art Show both wearing adorable art show garments... but...Is that cool jacket made from soda pull tabs. Wow!

The tag said Walleska I Googled it and found out that Walleska is the artists name. She is from Brazil and merged traditonal craft techniques with recycled materials. She keeps 40 independent artists in Brazil working on her creations which she retails and wholesales everywhere. Her company is based in Texas.

ECOCHICC... stands for Ecologically Conscious Organization Celebrating Honoring Inspiring Creative Communities.

Nothing is wasted, just transformed.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandi

Monday, October 17, 2011

Melissa and Frank at the Alter

Sam just entered the church in his vintage leasure suit. Kidding, Frank's sister is doing a reading.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Melissa and Frank's Wedding Color Scheme

Magic Transformation

Kent, along with his trusty helper Rick made the lighted swag, chandlier, covered poles which were the focal point of the reception hall. All done with out using the white duct tape that was strictly forbidden!!!

Empty Reception Hall

Lovely Melissa Milburn

There was simply no way that any person, place, or thing could upstage Melissa Milburn on her big day!

She looked flawless. The hairdresser tamed her wild naturally curly hair. Her dress was pure princess. I think Kate Middleton loaned her ear rings. The look perfection!

Uncle Rick did a perfect job of walking her down the isle. And he had a special dance with the bride so he could strut his stuff on the floor. It was highschool all over again when all my friends stood in line to dance with Rick. Seriously...there was a line.

Once again I got a "dance injury"...The sign of a "rocker" wedding.

Sam Rocks a Leasure Suit

Sam scored this vintage leasure suit at Unique Thrifts 50% off Columbus Day Sale. He also found white shoes and turtleneck. I had to paint a belt white to complete his look.

OK it is a risk wearing white after Labor Day. And a fashion risk to wear a leasure suit to a wedding. However, Sam managed to pull the entire look off. I feared he would upstage the bride. No chance of that when you see my next post of the lovely Melissa Milburn.

Rumors persisted that perhaps Sam might be European.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fine Art by Deann Hebert @ The St. James Court Art Show

I saw the cool old doors that flanked the tent. They worked so well with the paintings. Deann showed me the apron that she wears when painting. The entire look totally charming. Find her at

Happy Birthday Marianne Brown

Marianne in her booth filled with her FAB pottery indulges us while we sing Happy Birthday and she is given a b-day bananna. Marianne uses pottery stamps that she makes to imprint her pottery. She also has developed a ruby red glaze. You Rock Marianne! Hope you had a happy day!

Ghost Dresses / Fairytea

Getting ready for Halloween.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dwayne Cobb and Mary Noelker/ KGAC Art Fair

Every woman who meets Dwayne Cobb can't help but have a big ole crush on him. A man who is so in touch with his feminine side that he crafts a line of jewelry for women. Mary, no slacker her own self recently won best of show in Glass @ the Summerfair Art Show. Mary also makes jewelry made from the glass she torches into beads. She has developed a "bead" of glass on vintage sewing machine bobbins. Then she makes them into inovative jewelry. You both are on fire with creativity!