Friday, May 28, 2010

Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen / Spring Show

The Guild returns to Western Kentucky for it's Spring Show. I am staying in the Molly Newell Suite @ the Newell's lovely historic home in Bowling Green. Also, will get to see my artist peeps. Looking forward to a fun holiday weekend.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our New Bear

Freedom/Bear has been with us for 6 days now and each day is better than the day before. Even LuLu is coming around and thinks he might be a good playmate. Our life has been changed for the better!

Bain / Spot Light Guy / Wicked

Ran into Bain while on the Wicked Backstage tour. He is part of the local talent that assist the production. Official title is "Spot Light Guy". So I was chit chatting with Bain and didn't hear our adorable tour guide Pam Mattei tell us "DO NOT TOUCH THE COSTUMES!!!! So I catch up with our tour and reach to touch a costume and everyone screams DO NOT TOUCH THE COSTUMES!!! Yikes! Glad I wasn't asked to leave! If you have seen Wicked you know the costumes are so would have tried to touch them too!

Backstage / Wicked

Hats / Wicked

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elphaba's Wicked Witch Dress

These are detail shots of the wicked witch dress.

The bodice is the top image

Spools and Spools of ribbon, trim, lace, beads, etc, layered to form this work of art dress.

The middle image is of the transition between the top and bottom. Incredible attention to detail. Note that a multitude of colors and textures make this overall black dress....magic

The bottom photo is of the skirt. More flow so she can defy gravity in this dress.

I happen to love fiber! So all of the OZ costumes inspired me. But this dress is the show stopper!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Starry Starrry Night / Paula Cundiff

This past weekend Paula Cundiff began the process of painting her Art Car Van. Paula has had several temporary art cars but now this one is her daily mode of travel. She used the Buy Local Art Fair (sponcered by LVAA)@ the Water Tower to start the process. The show was all day on Sunday. Paula had a sun burn for her efforts. The van looks great!!!!

Bottle Trees / Full

The branches are full thanks to mom's tennis friends. The girls went on a tennis trip to Hilton Head and saved me their wine bottles. I can report that based on the bottle count a really good time was had by all:)

Monday, May 24, 2010

If These Walls Could Talk!!!!

There is a theatre tradition where cast and crew keep a record of the cities they travel on the back of the set. At first the photos are of the venues..but later in the tour cast photos are used when they have already been to the venue. Then remarks are added. I loved this!!! It is on the back of set of the first scene you see in Wicked (the one with the gears) Love knowing that a travel history of the set is there. If those walls could talk.....I bet the First National Tour of Wicked could write a book, Ooops I mean a play.

Another fun fact.. most Broadway traveling tours bring their own floor which is attached to the existing floor of the Venue. Raises the level of the floor 10 inches. The sets are computer programed to get into position from moving channels in the floor. Also included vents etc..So high tech we can see why the show costs millions to produce. That and the talent, costumes, lighting, etc.....Not to mention Galinda's tiara budget.

Backstage Wicked / Women Costumes

Here are some of the women costumes located in their traveling wardrobes with wheels. As you will see Dorothy has a costume even tho she really isn't seen at all. Her profile is.... so it is necessary for her to have a costume and a second for the understudy.

Water Dance / Bear

Since LuLu still has a few boundary issues with our new Bear...I gave him his water dish outside on the porch. What happened after can only be described as a "Water Dance"...first he drinks and drinks...then he puts both paws in the dish and dances...stands in the dish...then gets out and drinks again. The final move after the splashing and drinking was laying down in the water around the dish. After All...It was a hot day!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pam Mattei and Jennifer Stevenson McLamb

Here are two of my Craftsman peeps!! Pam is a fiber artist and Jennifer is a jeweler. Pam also has a secret, exciting, life of working in the theatre inbetween art shows. I took several photos of Pam on our backstage tour of Wicked and none were good so my copy/paste skills came in handy to take this off of Pam's facebook. Jennifer must have gotten a backstage tour too! LOVED seeing the backstage as much as the play. Well... almost as much. Soooo Inspirational!!! More photos to come!!!

Donna Vivino/ Elphaba / Wicked

Today has been a great day. First... Our new dog Freedom Bear is in our home. He is adorable but inisists on marking the interior of our house.. Not Cool... We are cool with him marking the outside.

Second.... my friend Pam Mattei is a craftsperson by day and a "dresser" in the theatre by night. She is currently working on "Wicked" so when she offered a backstage tour I was in! Sooooooo cool to see the inner workings of this fab play. More photos to come.

Third.... as we exit backstage, there was a group of kids that asked us if we were famous. Too funny! So after I got in my car I drove by the stage door to photograph the next generation of theatre goers. When Donna Vivino, who stars as Elphaba comes out without makeup. She still has green in her hairline. Thanks to her powerhouse performance in Wicked she has inspired the next generation to love the theatre. Or maybe even the next Elphaba since I am sure "Wicked" will continue to defy gravity forever!

The Freedom Bear Comes Home

We are going to have a hard time telling F.Bear from LuLu for a while. At 3 years old he is a bundle of energy.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Artists Craftsman Supply

Used to be located in Mellwood Arts Center. The owner purchased a building and has moved to 1002 Barrett Avenue. Louisville, KY 40204. New phone # 502-459-4677. So next time you eat at Lynn's know that you can get a paint marker fix just around the corner. They also carry a line of wonderful papers. Great selection of all art supplies.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


LuLu's days are numbered as a solo dog in our household. We pick up Freedom (3 year old rescue) on saturday. Soooooo Excited!

We met Freedom last week and discovered that he has the same sweet nature of our Bear. He loves everyone and feels that everyone wants to pet him. He will be a great fit in our family.

Not sure how he will be when I decorate him for the seasons but I suspect he will love it! And I think he will love LuLu.

New May Store Hours

Slow retail time right now so I will reduce my May hours. Now Open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 11-4. The FAT Friday Trolley Hop (final friday of each month) will include evening hours 6-9 pm.

This extra day will give me time in my home studio to finess new summer and fall jewelry designs and tend to some gardening. My bottle trees are very time consuming. They require so much matainence.


Still high from last nights performance of Wicked. Moved to tears during the duet "For Good". Such a talented cast!!! Kent managed to score 4th row center seats. We could see details that I didn't see before. Wonderful costumes, sets, and lighting...oh my! Now I need to go and defy gravity!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wicked is Back in Louisville

Tonight I go with Rick and Kent to see my all time favorite play...WICKED! Great story of friendship. Being who you were born to be. And most of all Perception! The Witches memory of OZ differs from Dorothy's. Can't Wait!

Belgian Flower Carpet

Every other year in Brussels, Belgian's Grand Place, gardners gather and create a carpet out of flowers. Marie Day Moriarty sent me this delight for the eyes!

Get Out The Vote

Primary Day. Robbie, KT Elkins, Jenny Elkins....This photo was taken last 4th of July when I forced my girls to get their Liberty on!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wyoming Art Fair Children's Art Project

Rode with Rick yesterday to the Wyoming Art Fair in Cinn. OH. Well maybe it was technically Wyoming, OH. Anyway, adorable show. Kent was one of the featured artists.

All of the Wyoming City Schoools have been collecting bottle caps for the "Go Green" initiave. The results were so cute. Angie Reichert-Hester was spearheading the event. All 27 pcs. will be on exhibit along the Wyoming Bike-Hike Trail. May 27 @ 1pm.

Colorful bottle caps, screws, cordless screwdrivers were needed to make this green exchibit. Anything can be Art!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sam and Robbie the Early Years

Using my new copy/paste skills to steal this photo off of Kent's blog. The boys had a 70's party that included disco. Love Sam with an Afro. What you can't see are his 3 inch heels. I went for more of an early 70's hippie motif. Would be right in style now.

We still have one dog. There is a hole where Bear used to reside. But LuLu is filling the void. Miss Lu was spoiled with three walks yesterday. She is loving being an only dog!

The favorite walk was downtown to watch the sun set on the great lawn. She wanted to go in the Ohio river in the worst way. Louisville really has it going on with our wonderful waterfront. Gerry and Cathi took their dog Russell there the day before and it reminded us of what a treasure we have. We need to go there more often. And I cant wait for the train bridge to open. The area is filled with tourists and locals enjoying all the fountains and swings. Saw several big family parties on the picnic tables. Graduations and Proms.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Celebration Continues

Cathi is happy that her "Appletini" is as good as it looks. She was kind enough to give me the cherries and order two in her second drink so I could have them both! What a friend!

Kent and Rick met us at the Bristol in Jeffersonville. Lovely view of Louisville and as always good food. So far every time Gerry and Cathi come into town we dine @ The Bristol...First Bardstown Rd. and now Jeff. They can visit a few more times till I have taken them to every Bristol location. I choke when choosing a cool place for out of town guests. Always choose the Bristol...great service, something for everyone on the menu, artichoke fritters, etc......

Later that evening we went to Air Devils Inn. Gerry's friend Alan put a B-Day greeting to me on the sign. Good time was had by all.

Celebration Part 2

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Celebration


Miss Lu has enjoyed her life as a single dog but I fear she is in for a surprise this weekend. We may be the proud owners of another rescue.

Here she is in my studio being forced to wear a head band. While Sam makes her look at the camera. Since she thinks she's on the "Witness Protection Program" and usually will not allow photographs....this is one of the rare photos I have of her.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bottle Trees

Bottle tree branches are beginning to fill up. Each day I try to add a new bottle or two. Ususally found since I am not up to drinking several bottles of wine a night:) Back in the day the trees would have filled up after one weekend. At this rate it may take till the end of the summer.

Ann Bell gave me an article about Bottle Trees. A folk tradition where branches of a real tree were striped and a bottle was placed on the branch to get rid of evil spirits. It was thought that spirits are curious and would get stuck inside the bottle. I love this story since spirits were in the bottle before consumed. We are sooooo protected from evil since I have 4 bottle trees and want 3 more. Love that they are considered folk art.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Governor's Derby Celebration

This horse picnic table "Blanket" was painted by Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Woods first grade class @ Hannah Mc Clure Elementary School in Winchester, KY. Great Job! I see some potential artists.


Had such a fun afternoon with my friend Camille. She was the master gift wrapper in my booth at Art In The Arbor.

Camille used to live across the street from me. I miss her. She told me when she gets old enough she will work for me. This summer we will plan a day for her to spend with me in my studio. It will be difficult to plan because Camille has a very busy summer. She will attend horse camp and learn to tend and ride horses. How can my studio compete with that!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Belated Mother's Day Lunch

Met my mother and brother for a late Mother's Day (mom) and early B-day (me) lunch @ The Cafe. Which used to be the Cafe located in the Louisville Antique Mall when it was on Goss Ave. The Cafe is now located across from Louisville Stoneware off Broadway. The very best pimento cheese in the city. Delish soups...try the tomato dill with sourdough bread. Deserts to die for.....The waiter would have gotten a much larger tip if he would have given the birthday girl the larger slice of cake:)

Body Art

Natalie walked into my booth at Art In The Arbor with this cool tatoo that looks like jewelry.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show! We had a wonderful weekend! Sales were pre-recession so maybe things are better out there or we just had two sunny days.

We found a lead on another dog. Sam and I drove to Indianapolis yesterday to meet "Freedom". He is a rescue. Three years old. He looks like a Bear to us. If all goes well he will be added to our family this weekend. We took LuLu to meet him and her reaction was 'mostly" positive.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kent and Rick

The boys came to Art In The Arbor....Sadly, they discovered that they do not have anyplace left in their home for more art. Something has to go before something else comes in. So they had their eyes on some yard art. Not sure what they finally purchased.

We have only 9 more days till we go to see "Wicked" again!!! I can't wait!!!! The play is wonderful and will never need a revival because it will never leave the stage.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rachel Friedland / Face Painter

If you didn't get a chance to enjoy the two sunny days and wonderful art @ Art In The Arbor this year....Know it will be Mother's Day weekend next year! Many mother's and daughters make it a tradition to attend this show together.

A bright spot in my day each year is when adorable Rachel stops by to say hi! She has grown up supporting and helping the show. This year among her many jobs was face painter extraordinaire!!! I saw Rachel's creations walk thru the show both days.

One of these days I fear that our Rachel will be too old to fool with the show. It will be a sad day when this happens. But it's in her blood so we know she'll be back sooner or later. Her parents have been excellent role models when it comes to giving back to the community and fellowship. Rachel here is a "shout out"...YOU ROCK!!! You are the best Mother's Day gift!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bottle Trees

These bottle trees are so cool. Found them at the Winterfair Art Show this past November. Was able to install them this week after the weekend of rain.

Can't wait to get enough bottles to fill the branches. Also discovered that I wish I had 3 or 4 more. Perfect border in a yard filled with rocks, rusted flowers, bowling balls, Statue of Libery, Yardbirds, etc....

Setting up my booth at Art In The Arbor today. Come on out this weekend and see the show. Perfect way to spend the day. I hope the Bottle Tree folks are there.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rusted Flowers / Jeff Underwood

Since the ground was soaked after the wet, wild, Derby weekend....I decided the time was ripe for replanting Jeff's flowers. The perfect plants only require rain to relocate.

Rain Wear @ The Derby

Anyone who has seen Kent Epler make a "rain poncho" out of a clear garbage bag already knows this trick.

Who knew it was "Derby Chic" this year

Hope the rain holds off for Art In The Arbor this weekend or we all will be wearing rain ponchos.

Anessa Arehart in the Infield

This photo makes me laugh. The ying and yang of Derby. My hope is Anessa was just "visiting" the infield. Hats and Mudd!