Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Deb Chenault / Jeweler

Deb is one of my daily e-mail friends. I can't seem to begin the day unless I "E" her or she "E's" me.

This past week I had an extra treat of Deb spending the weekend with us. She was lured to be in "Art in Speed Park" by that "Rainmaker" Kim Johnson. Needless to say....Kim knows her market and the patrons at the show loved Deb and her wonderful sterling jewelry.

Deb will be back in this area September 12 & 13 for Mellwood's September Art Fair. Jamison Brumm and Theresa Kibby will be there too. Can't wait! I look forward to having my artist friends staying with me and having a slumber party as much as I look forward to the show. More on Jamison Brumm and T. Kibby later.

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