Tuesday, March 9, 2010

During KY Craft Market the best slumber party was at my house

T, Me, Deb, and Jamie at last years market. Didn't take a good photo of all of us this year so the blurry soft focus from last year will have to do. Such fun having the girls visit. Bill Brumm was here for one night and fled. We took T out for Indian Food for her B-day. Sam took off with dogs to our cabin on saturday. Kent, Rick, and Paula Cundiff came over for gourmet pizza and laughter saturday night. Well all PIPed (laugh so hard we pee in pants) when Kent tells a story. Sam and dogs returned from cabin in time to help me load up the show. The Craft Market was GREAT!!!! My Backside and Festival pins were big hits wholesale and retail. Developed a sinus infection on sunday from burning the candle at both ends. Went to get antibiotics today. I am missing my girls!!!! Sam is glad we are back to a quiet life but I secretly thinks he loves it when the girls visit. I heard ice cream is good for a sinus infection.....

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