Monday, August 8, 2011

Peggy, Robbie, Marie Day @ Art Car Parade

My aunts from PA came in town to ride in the 10th Art Car Parade sponsored by Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft. They were not prepared for the Madness of the Marching band who entertained all during and after the parade. The band was so fun that I want to form my own. Pat Brinson said she is on it. We don't play any instraments but we think we can come up with some hula hoop routines and kazoos. I know we can come up with some awesome outfits. Our goal is the Frankfort Avenue Easter Parade 2012.

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  1. Well, go for it! The Parade is almost here, no? It's always fun to participate in events like this. It's so colorful and full of life, with the art cars designed in so many ways and the people all over the place enjoying the festivities.

    -Ivo Beutler