Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Family / Marti McGinnis

This past summer I was next to Marti McGinnis at Art in Speed Park.  Marti is such a talent.  She does Whimsy better than anyone!  I have featured Marti's booth and Art Car in earlier posts.  So I was very excited when Marti wanted my painted horse necklace and ear rings.  Then she or it was probably me who said Wanna Trade!!!!  I told her that I LOVE everything she makes so she can send me anything. 

Last week she posted this adorable painting on face book and I loved it but didn't realize it was her impression of my Happy Family until it arrived in the mail yesterday.  Thank You Marti!!!  Every time I look at this wonderful painting it makes me smile.  That it is your impression of me and my family makes me smile more!  You Are The One!

You can find Marti McGinnis at


  1. Are you the artist that reported bedbugs at the Worthington Red Roof motel during Winterfair? That is where I stayed. I tried to see you at your booth but your booth was always very crowded.