Monday, December 27, 2010

Favorite Black Coat / Found It!!

My favorite black coat has been MIA for a few weeks. It suddenly dissapeared after I told the black coat story at Thanksgiving.

Here's the story. Once upon a time Sam and I hit Unique Thrift on a 50% off holiday sale. I remembered that I was wearing my current fave black coat into the store and said outloud that I hope it doesn't get lost. Years earlier I had another Favorite Black Coat that went AWOL. Possibly stolen. Also my sister has had favorite coats missing or stolen. So it might not only be a pattern in my life but also genitic.

20 minutes later....OMG, I was tring on clothes and my FBC (favorite black coat)was missing. Some savvy 50% off shopper probably scooped it up and was now trying to purchase said coat. So I began to shout and search the other shoppers carts for my coat telling them that it is mine they couldn't purchase because it has no price tag. Frantically, I asked all the employees if they had a coat turned in. I was trying to communicate with the spanish(only)speaking manager to announce the missing coat over the PA system when Sam wittnessed the drama and asked me what happened and I confessed that my FBC was missing so he joined in the search shouting and asking other bargain shoppers to assist.

Several people exclaimed that they had fear that this would happen to them. So they held on tight to their FBC's.

Finally, I was about to give up when I looked down and was going to search the floor(again) when I discovered my FBC hanging off the long strap of purse that was being worn by me. It must have been there the whole time.

Well I made one small announcement that I found my FBC and the search was off. Sam however, wanted to know where I found the FBC and I said I would tell him later as I could barely speak due to convulsive laughter. He must have thought I was crying because he really wanted to know details.

To this day I can barely complete the story without breaking up. Sooooooo the coat was now missing again, possibly stolen. I had searched all possible locales in my home,studio, and store. My conclusion was that one of my Thanksgiving guests was playing a very unfunny practical joke with my FBC.

When all possible gift giving holiday events were over still no FBC. I was sick!!! Then a miracle happened yesterday we took our dogs for a woods filled with snow walk and what was rolled up in the back seat of the truck but my FBC!

Yes this story can now replace the Night Before Christmas. Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. You are such a delightful, lovable...nut! And I am so proud to call you a friend. :) :)