Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bear in his Lambswool Lined Bed

Bear usually is working on 4-5 rawhide chew toys. Well since Aunt Tracy gave Bear and LuLu a small animal's leg bones for Christmas I decided to put away some of Bear's other toys as it was becomming difficult to navigate a clear path. I put the toys in a plastic tray that I hide under this oak file cabinet and then Bear's bed is placed in front. The tray also holds dog brushes etc... Bear didn't see me hide his bones.

So yesterday when I see him shove his bed over, stick a paw on the tray and drag it out from under the oak cabinet to retrieve one of his old rawhide chew toys I was amazed at his skill and keen sense of smell. If only I could train him to put everything away when he is done, Not to bark at the Mail Man and or UPS guy, Not to try to "herd" our friends, Not to eat everyone's food, Not to steal my pillow or covers, Not to.................................He would be the perfect dog.

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