Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bear Gets a Set of Shoes

He's not afraid of no stinkin salt brine!

The heat is on....The geothermal has been repaired and my store will be open today 11-4 and Sunday 1-4. Regular hours next week. Remember the Trolley Hop next Friday and our ONE DAY ONLY SALE on Saturday the 29th.

Show applications are due. Each show seems to require different things. It is daunting sometimes esp. now that technology is needed to get "jury work" on a CD. Now one show requires each shot to have 3 designs and a total of 6 shots. Another may require one. The application I worked on last night needs an outdoor shot of my show booth. Yikes....I only have an indoor shot since I use the same basic booth for both. Also, each application requires a $20-35- application fee just to apply. That doesn't mean you are in the show. Just the honor of applying. Not complaining...I'm just saying....

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