Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Best / Trash

Last week I tossed out 6, for those of you keeping track, big-ass bags of trash. I had to tip my trash men because I felt so guilty. So when I was driving down the street and spotted this cute cabinet.....I drove on. You can't tempt me. Then I drove around the block and picked it up.

My first memory is the 4th grade. Colorful construction paper in one of those round metal grade school trash cans. I wanted it....BAD!!! After what seemed like hours of torture....I finally picked it up and my teacher called me a GP. Garbage Picker. She may have been trying to shame me. But it didn't work.

When Sam and I were first dating he brought me something. Not flowers, candy, or jewelry... No it was something he found in the trash. I was Smitten!!! Later in early marriage...he rushed in after a jog saying "ROB GET IN THE TRUCK"!! It could only mean one thing...A trash find! I choose well in a mate.

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