Monday, April 4, 2011

The Emrald City / Bruce Eveslage

When walking in Bruce's woods you never know what you will discover.

Bruce made these pillars from all sorts of rusty gears and other found objects. He is always on the lookout for cool rusted stuff. If a building is ever being torn down Bruce is there.

Bruce tells a funny story of his excitement when he found a barn full of rusted parts. So he asks the owner how much? The owner says just get a pile of what you want and I'll give you a good price.

After Bruce and his partner Scott have spent hours and have a sizeable stash stacked up....the first item the owner sees on the pile he couldn't possibly sell because it blonged to so and so. The next item he just couldn't sell. The next is precious...this goes on and on.... Were talking broken rusted parts of no use to anyone but Bruce. Finally Bruce wore the man down and he sold Bruce a truckload of rusted discards. Not sure the final cost but more than rusted scrap metal is worth I suspect.

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