Thursday, April 21, 2011

Early Mother's Day Story / Kent Epler

When Kent's mom Ruth would come to Kentucky for a visit it was always a treat. Kent would plan out their days filled with shopping locally and regionally. Ruth who always loved a bargain returned to Montana with packages galore.

It was Ruth who once said after viewing the inexpensive, quality goods at T.J. Maxx "There is NO excuse for people to dress bad or have ugly homes!"

One year they went to Nashville, Indiana which is a small town filled with cute galleries and shops. The town has an established artist colony. So Kent and Ruth were in heaven going from one adorable art gallery to the next when they discovered to their horror that they were in a store that sold imported cockoo clocks. The older German couple immediately engaged them in conversation so it was too awkward to back out the door. Ruth whispered to Kent "5 minutes". So the two pretended to be interested in clocks when all of the sudden...out of the blue...amid the cuckoo clucking...Ruth spied a 50% off sign about the same time Kent discovered the Native American, hand made, sterling silver watch bands. The owners tried to explain how this wound up in their store but Ruth and Kent were already collectors of such and didn't listen. An hour later both were the proud owners of Native American, hand made, sterling silver watch bands (NAHMSSWB) @50% off.

I always loved this story and made Kent repeat it often when he wore the watch...But recently discovered THE REST OF THE STORY.

20 years go by...Compliments whenever Ruth or Kent wore the watches with the NAHMSSWB. Ruth passes from this world to the next and Kent now owns her much smaller watch band. Kent wants to spend any amount of money to add Ruth's band to his. He goes to a jewelry store and mentions that it belonged to his mother and will pay anything to join the two watch bands. The jeweler spends one minute showing Kent how the two bands fit together perfectly. No Charge!

I love this P.S. to the story . I smile thinking about Ruth and Kent in the Cuckoo Clock store trying desperately to exit then spotting a bargain. Love it that Kent had the two bands joined for a bargain. Ruth still sending her love from above.

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  1. Love this story! But I am confused about why they would be horrified to find themselves in a cuckoo clock store. LOL!