Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Painted Shoes / Robbie Moriarty

Been jonesin for a pair of "pewter" and "dark coppery bronze" shoes. They had to be good shoes not just cute. By this I mean great insoles. I no longer look at pretty shoe section but the other side of the store where the comfortable shoes exist. Well having no luck I decided to fall back on what I usually do which is spray paint existing shoes I love but no longer wear due to scuffs etc....

Sorry I didn't take a before pic. Trust me that the shoes on left were black with a grey swirl and on right were kiwi green. Begin by cleaning the shoes with hand santizer using an old t-shirt. Has alcohol in it and removes dirt and I assume santizes. Let the shoes dry overnight. Then use duct tape to tape off the sole. I used painters tape to cover the inside of the shoe.

You are ready to spray shoes. Follow directions on the can. I sprayed two coats. Let the shoes dry 30 minutes between. Removed all the tape the next day. WaLa...new life for old shoes!

The above part goes quick but I went to 3 locations to find the right color spray paint. First Lowes metalic colors too bright. Then Pep Boys for auto body touch up paint and found the "Pewter" color. Then to a hobby store that carries tester spray paints and found "Metalic Root Beer".

Also sprayed some small purses to match. I love being matchy matchy! And recycling things I love so I can continue to use.

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