Saturday, October 29, 2011

Arthead Studio / Deb Kracht

While in Deb Kracht's booth at the St.James Art Show I heard a mother tell her 10 year old that he too could make Deb's work.

Well.....I'm all for encouraging the youth of tomorrow....All I could say to the mother is "Artists just love to hear folks say that while standing in their booth" The mother could remain ignorant and think that I meant it or could think I was being sarcastic which I was. Sorry I was so was day 2 of the show and I was tired from tending to my own booth.

It would have to be gifted 10 year old who would have the vision to create dogs out of found objects. Deb has soldered the legs, rivited the eyes. Not to mention having the idea in the first place.

She attends countless flea markets and yard sales to aquire all the tin objects that she then cuts with saws, tin snips. I just don't think this is a project for a 10 year old. I don't have the skills to make Deb's work and I have tools and know how to cut metal, solder, and collect everything.

"The less someone knows the more they think they can make the art in front of them"

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