Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cherokee Triangle Rejection Letter

Well it arrived today. You know the show rejection letter that tells you the demand is greater than the supply. I didn't make the cut for the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair.

I hate this for several reasons.................................

The First, I make Derby Jewelry and the show is the weekend before the Derby.

The Second, in spite of the jury rejection, I have loved doing this show in the past. Tho it has been a 8 years since I have been in the show.

The Third, now that I do not have a store I will need to have a Studio Open House before Derby. For me a show is often easier to do than a Studio Open House. Which as you know, requires me to clean up my studio:)

I will be passing the invite out at the Kentucky Crafted: The Market this weekend. Also will post an invite on this blog. For those of you that came to my Holiday Open House, you know how much fun it was. I am hoping for more fun this spring.


  1. First be glad you didn't get in that shit show! The quality isn't good. The promoters suck and play politic tango! I would rtather go to your studio than a tired show! Just saying...and I am seldom wrong!

  2. Well, if I recall, that fair has had rain for the past 15 yrs. And I can't imagine you got rejected. What's the matter with those people.????