Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Demo / Master Bedroom

The top photo is the left side before.  Then right side before.  Next Bear and LuLu sitting on the bed with a view of the wall behind them.  This is the best pic  I could find of the wall...  It was cute but not really functional.

Ok....I need storage!  The base cabinets I built myself when I didn't know how to build base cabinets.   Which could explain why no before pictures of the entire wall.   The window seat required lifting up the cushion to get inside.  Flaw in the design.  So yesterday after the demo... I am back to square one and will have professionals build the base cabinets with drawers!!!  The window seat you get to storage without lifting and removing cute pillows.  And two wall mounted cabinets with storage.  I hope I can make it just as cute and functional.  But I suspect the art pottery and books will be sacrificed in the process. 

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