Monday, March 14, 2011

Kentucky Wildcats

I have a confession....The oldies station I listen to in my studio also calls the Kentucky Basketball games. Since I'm in production mode I have been working in my studio a lot and have been too busy to change the station.....So I have listened to the pre,during, and post game shows of KY Basketball. They won a championship in Atlanta this past weekend and I heard every minute of every game. I have to admit it was exciting. When I saw my neighbor getting out of his car in a KY t-shirt, I said "How About That Game???" He was just returning from Atlanta and was on a high. Yikes.......Am I a fan too????

Since I am the Theme Queen I have always made Wildcat Jewelry. Along with that team in Louisville. But I have never followed the teams or the games. I hope I can be cured. When I told Jenny Elkins about my fandom she called this morning hoping she would not have to plan an intervention.

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