Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank God It's Friday

One summer I worked at OpryLand in Nashville, TN. On Thursday nights we would go to the TGIF. Around midnight there was a countdown with hats and party favors...when it turned into Friday. I loved this....Better than New Year's Eve. I moved back to Louisville and was so excited that a TGIF was opening in Plainview. They never did the Thurday night celebration...But was still a fave hang out.

Last week it was reported that the TGIF in Plainview is closing. I always loved going there. The decor was all sorts of funky old, odd, collections. A full size canoe was mounted on the wall. Many celebrations were had at TGIF. Tho I haven't been there in years I was glad to know it was there. I hate change!

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