Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hand Made Glass Beads / Fran Ferrell

Fran's booth was behind mine at the Louisville Artisan's Guild Show this past weekend. I have noticed this "jaw dropping booth" in passing on the way to my booth during a show. But when you watch her set it up you realize the complete MAGIC of this booth. Fran calls it her "Garden of Glass" Each flower holds one of her hand made creations.

Fran is pictured here with her good friend and booth designer Caron Maas of Caron Maas Designs. And as a side note I went to high school with and have known Caron for decades. I knew she was talented. The awesome booth is so fitting with the level of craftsmanship of Fran's beads and the jewelry she makes with them.

When I was teasing Fran and husband Jim about how "over the top and magical" the booth is. Jim said "wait till you see the water feature". I sorta thought he was kidding but I wasn't sure!

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