Friday, May 27, 2011

Rock On With Your Bad Self Oprah

25 years ago I saw Oprah on the Tonight Show. I think Joan Rivers was the host. They were having so much fun together I knew I would have to find out more about this Oprah. Then I caught the first Oprah Winfrey show and she was in my studio from 4-5 Monday thru Friday. Oprah never missed a day. She has been my friend and coworker ever since. Julia Robert's said one time that Oprah is everyone's girlfriend. This is so true. In fact I talked about Oprah to my other girlfriends so much that they thought I knew someone else named Oprah.

If I had written to her every time she inspired me and completely changed my perception and life....I would have been on some "stalker" list in Harpo Studios.

Five years ago there were rumors that she wanted to end her show. Thankfully, she waited 5 more years till I had time to prepare for the loss.

The final shows included surprise tributes! Oprah can you even be more awesome than even I thought??? YES!!! I didn't know about all the men you sent to college. You have left a handprint on my heart!

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