Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Charming Weekend / The Artists Less One

Michelle Weston glass blower, Leslie Baete Fawcett bead weaving jeweler, Mary Noelker lampwork jeweler, Marianne Brown potter, Kelli Pope pottery-metal jeweler, Robbie Moriarty mixed media jeweler. Not photographed because she had to leave before documentation:) Theresa Kibby anodized alumimun jeweler.

And so it began. Mary sent an e-mail asking if we (7 artist friends) would want to come to her family's cabin on Lake Cumberland for the weekend...sometime in January when we are not busy doing art shows. We could each bring 7 beads that we made for a bead exchange. Mary would supply the chain and findings for a bracelet. At the end of the weekend we would take home a cool bracelet. YES...we all said!!!

Well that is not all that happened. First we were speechless when we saw the awesome cabin. In the e-mail she didn't mention the non stop laughter, flowing wine, yummy food, and life skills we would learn via new words/phrases. YES....we did all leave with a cool bracelet and much more.

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