Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Eve / Epler-Milburn Estate

Somehow the photographer took lovely pics of their home and then got caught up in the fun and excitement of the evening ...The pics of delish meal and other revelers are not as flattering as one would like thus not shown.

But there is some disturbing news. I was in a room full of men of a certain age....playing the game Gestures or Guesstures, whatever, the game where your team has to guess what you are acting out. The actor is not allowed to speak. When my team kept shouting out "orb" when I was clearly going for the word "circle" I was concerned. So when my next word was YMCA I was sure our team would win the game and all the lovely prizes under the tree. How could we miss, all of my team grew up in the 70's and know the Village People intimately. So I did the dance, not once but twice...maybe even 3 times. In a room full of men not one knew what I was doing!!!! Haven't they been to a wedding reception in the past decade??? Didn't I tell them about Drew Brumm's wedding reception and the dance injury I suffered doing the YMCA??? Didn't they try to put the unflattering pic of me getting my dance on at Drew's wedding as my screen saver? In spite of the loss a really good time was had by all. I stayed in my jammies the fist day of 2012 trying to get over the shock.

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  1. Well...I knew it was YMCA, give me a break. But, alas, I was on the other team. And it was more fun pretending we didn't know. Six gay men...GIVE ME A BREAK DANCE GIRL FRIEND!