Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Goals

Tired of resolutions. I just break them as soon as they are made. My resolve to quit drinking Diet Coke lasted all of 2 days. Then my mantra was "REDUCE". Yes, that's it, I would reduce my size, intake, stuff, clutter, stress... did I say stuff? But then it occurred to me that I like clutter. I really do. I respond better under stress.

Who knows if I can even reduce my intake and size for the long haul. And really I need all this stuff in my life to maintain some level of comfort and creativity.

Yeah, I may reduce and organize my clutter. I might even quit drinking Diet Coke. But really does it matter in the whole scheme of things? My dream/goal for this year is simply acceptance. Oh Yeah and World Peace:)

Love this pic. I stole it off of Facebook and do not know the source. This seems like a job for Gordon the Brit. Gordon??? Happy New Year!

P.S. Gordon the Brit is amazing he found the orgin of the pic. It's called the Human Peace Sign by summer-every-day.

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  1. I'm with ya! Acceptance is a wonderful way to go. My goal for this year and years after is "simplify." Life just gets too complicated and you can bet that while I'm simplifying my jewelry in my studio I have a Diet Pepsi next to me ;o) I have been able to cut down from the six pack I used to drink to two. I didn't do that cold turkey though!! Every now and then I go over that limit......