Friday, February 1, 2013


Last year Jenny Elkins told me about Pinterest. To see what I am writing about scroll down to "My Blog List" find Jenny and click. Once on her blog click her "Pinterest" link and it takes you to her boards. Look at her boards and click on an category you find interesting. Once there click on an image you want to know more about. Then come back and click on another and another and another. Then click on her followers, then their followers, followers followers, etc.... Pinterest takes you on an inspirational ride. While I pretend I am doing research and development I can waste...oopps...I mean spend valuable hours viewing what others have pinned. I love the Art and Design categories. But then again the DIY (do it yourself) is becoming one of my faves. Who am I kidding even food, gardening, history can get me jazzed. I found a remedy for a plumbing problem I could fix with baking soda. Many informational sites on how to make anything from anything. Learned how to use my digital camera more effectivly. I was happy just going on the ride and didn't feel that my life was missing anything.... That is till I went to visit Jenny last week and she showed me how to set up my own boards. So now to see me you click on the red "Follow Me On Pinterest" button and you can see my boards. Follow me and who I follow. INSPIRATIONAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT !

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