Monday, February 4, 2013

Before Pic of KeLe

Our Beloved LuLu passed on in October. We put our name on every Petfinder rescue list within a 5 hour radius for another female black Chow Chow mix. Four weeks later we trecked to Ohio to rescue Zoee. She was 8 months old. Bear loved her and she loved him. Zoee completed our family again. Then it happened....last week Animal House a pet rescue in Louisville called with a 2 year old black female Chow Chow named KeLe. The last thing we needed was another dog. But then again...We took one look at this before picture and fell in love. Then we took Bear and Zoee to meet her and they all wagged tails and sniffed. So you know the rest of this story....She's our dog now. Animal House shaved her to remove some matted fur. I will post a new pic when her fur grows out.

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