Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Perfect Day in Montana in February

Several years ago in a state far far away, Susan Abbott, Rick Milburn, Kent Epler and yours truly hiked... yes hiked up a snow covered mountain in Montana. We had a huge picnic, our bathing suits, and libations. Kent told us about these natural hot springs. I am not sure I believed him or even knew what a hot spring is. I think I was down for the adventure and the delish lunch. The day was sunny and cold. The water hot tub hot and crystal clear. It goes without saying that the lunch was yummy. Lots O' Laughter. Adorable Susan must have taken the pic. Today Kent e-mailed me this photo. He must be thinking back to another snow that did not wreak havoc on his life like this one. I was soooo blissed that day that all I see when I look at this photo is Perfection!!! Not that I am posting a photo of me in a bathing suit. Yikes!!!

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