Friday, February 26, 2010

Adorable Betsy George and the cute guy she married

Tonight there was a bridal show at Mellwood. There were some girls in my store discussing how everything is booked 2 years in advance. I started thinking about my own wedding where Sam and I eloped, Sent postcards notifying family and put "Going to the Chapel" on our answering machine. My only regret is that I didn't know how to save all the messages people left on our answering machine. But here's the funny part....we were planning on eloping in June. My drivers license needed to be renewed by the end of May. So while there I asked for a marriage license too. Well the woman behind the counter said..."Honey you can't just come in here and pick up a marriage license have to have person your going to marry with you!!" She acted as if I just wanted the license handy in case... so maybe I could trick some unsuspecting person into marriage. I encouraged the girls in my store to elope and save the $ for a down payment on a home. But cautioned that unless things have changed in 24 better take your fiance with you to pick up the license.

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